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I often change Allias but my default name is AnimalRelic and my default profile pic is the French Vault Boy

French vault boy profile pic made by me :3
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ICY WRIST 69 Jul 11 @ 3:42am 
Oh and to clear shit up, I'm way more French than Brit so calling me a little english kid means jack shit to me
ICY WRIST 69 Jul 11 @ 3:40am 
You really must be a braindead aussie, keep making MC vids with ur bf. Oh btw at lest ur bf wasn't a pussy and enabled commenting. Actually coming to think of it, you remind me of that kid that would participate in a waterfight and then that starts crying once others get him
Wednesday Jul 10 @ 10:24pm 
You really must be a x fan... a retard
Wednesday Jul 10 @ 10:23pm 
I like how you call people normies then say shit like 'take this L'
ICY WRIST 69 Jul 10 @ 2:44pm 
lol that momment when you go to ur YT see dislikes think to urself that you need to improve but discover that it's just a bunch of australian minecraft youtubers that dislike bombed u because they lost an argument online.

Some people need to learn to shut up and take the L, because this is just prooving that I won.
Zuri 前進 Jun 29 @ 7:26pm