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Welcome to my profile!
My love, my darling, my Princess~ :heart:
I'm bad at TF2 and only play it for funsies. c:

Typical furry fag, accepts literally every add that isnt from a bot or retard.

There was nothing else for you to find here. :3
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Hi again!
Feel free to add if we've played together, met me through a friend, or just want to make a new one!

My lovely Mistress who treats me so well and takes such good care of me~: Raz The Raccoon :heart:
I've known this lovely Raccoon for a few years now and I'll always hold them close to my heart!

My sweet little kitty, whom I adore and cherish~: Lynx :heart:
She is the sweetest, most gentle soul and I am delighted to have her! If you meet her and interact with her, be nice.. or else.

Dwayne, you're a goon.
Edit: I dont know why I put you here on my profile, get the hell off of it you damn freeloader.

Enjoy the unreadable name, no idea why I thought it was a great idea, but it is what it is.

If you wanna VC with me or have another place to contact me, here's my Discord: ⭐~KitKat~⭐#1960

My reference picture was drawn by Tris~ You can find her here! Commission her, she's amazing!

Harvest Moon Western Wear
Any Ominous Night Taunt
Essentially anything Harvest Moon~

(Completed) :10_level: :20_level: :30_level: :40_level: :50_level: :60_level: :70_level: :80_level::90_level:
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Welcome! You Lil Furballs~

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