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Posted: Dec 22, 2015 @ 3:18pm

Best click and slash game I have never play! Ist free and ist NOT a pay to win game, you can just give them money for aesthetic item or for more stash. The game ist completely the opposite of diablo 3 who actually give you freedom to go up your character the way you whant with the skill gem system(Finalfantasy 7 gem system). Ist not a easy game like diablo 3 who you have to go up a character without thiking to much. Even the economy ist not about money but crafting item that you need to knowledge to get the craft item you need to build better gear. Path of Exile is managed with a little compagny
but they actually work a lot on it to give us good extension and new item. This game have a very good replayability with all the build possible to get with each class. Strongly recommand to take time to play this game seriously before say it's to complicated i gonna play D3 instead..lol .
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