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No, i'm not actually an anarchist.

Kills on Strange Weapons when I added Strange Parts:
Bushwacka: 187 kills when I added Critical Kills
Sniper: 1683 kills when I added Headshot Kills, 4017 when I added Ubers Dropped
Jarate: 1013 sodden victims when I added Allies Extinguished
Rocket Launcher: 2947 Kills when I added Medics Killed, 3471 when I added Airborne Enemies Killed, 3880 when I added Kills While Explosive Jumping

Globox: hello
--raiden..ftm ✿: hai
Globox: if I ask you to do soemthing for you do you promise not too get mad
--raiden..ftm ✿: Depends on what you're asking me to do.
Globox: well your friend anarky put soemthing on the trade post i was wondering if you could send him a message and ask him to accept my friend request so i can buy it

--raiden..ftm ✿: people are being weird again
Anarky: lawl
Anarky: what

Items I have found throught the drop system(When I wasn't Idling):
Laughing Taunt (As F2P)
Bloke's Bucket Hat
Professional's Panama
Kringle Collection
Hot Dogger
Surgeons Side Satchel
The Nine-Pipe Problem
Items found while idling:
The Exorcist

Was sniper for Billion Dollar Babies in Steel Blue (Summer S11?)

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