❀Kijo Hana❀
アナ (Ana)   France
❤️ watashi wa deka baka desu❤️
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2321 day(s) since last ban
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可愛い (Cute !)
Info and stuff about me
V Infos V

Name : I'm Ana

Username : Anako/ Kijo Hana

Ages : I'm 22 years old,

Languages : French (Native), English, Japanese (Need practice... ;w;)

character : i'm shy always with a hood even when sunny day come. i'm too reserved irl but on internet i'm a little less reserved. i like being on my own world and having fun... but some days i feel depressed and want to end it all... it depend on my mood.

Current mood : mentally Depressed...

V Fav stuffs V

Favorit animal : Wolf 🐺

Favorit Type of Songs : Drum&Bass, Dubstep, Future Bass, Future House, Anime song 🎧

Favorit foods : Chips 🥔 and Apples 🍏

Relationship : Lonely...

Type of Games i like : Fps/Rythmes/Adventures/Racings/RPG/Parkour

Favorit F2P Games : TF2/Dragon Nest EU/SoulWorker

Favorit VR Games : VRChat/Beat Saber

Favorit song : 💛Lian Ai Audio Navigation (short ver.) - ono feat.yousa 【音源】 【高音質】💛

Favorit animes characters : Tohru (Dragon Maid) Nagisa (Assassination classroom)

Favorit visual novels : Fox Hime :foxhime_mori1: /Stand by you/Shan Gui :bite:

Favorit Animes : Attack On Titan/Assassination Classroom/Dragon Maid/Kantai Collection

V Social Medias + Games Nametags V

Youtube :

Discord : -🌸Anako🌸-#0001

VRChat Username: Anako

Black Desert Online : AnakoWolf

Warframe : Derpza

Vac ban only from CODMW2

V Setup V

Main monitor : HP Monitor 1980x1080
Second monitor LG TV Screen 1680x1050

Processor Intel Core I5 7400 3.00GHz
Graphic's card Nvidia Gforce GTX 1060 6Go
16Go Ram
1T Hard drive's place
Connection's max speed : 0.80 (potato)
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