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[Had to Plauqe this]
Vitamin45 Feb 4 @ 4:34pm
give this dick to everyone you know nigga see if you can get back some pussy while you at it son wowowow wow i'm deleting u from my life just kidding nigga hella dank weed on its way here how can i deny that life na'm sayin haha illuminati comments galore fuckin faggots everywhere here where's my umbrella for the tears they boutta start poppin fuck this bitch ass nigga idgaf bout yo shit ass unicode pictures nigga fuckin #out fuck you and everything you about everything bout me nigga i'm swole as fuck who the fuck you think you is dog wowow later nerd gonna go fuck your mom swag

[More memorable chats worth saving] <3

Oktober Blitz: can I be honest?
【ℭℴℰ】 An Apple: go ahead
【ℭℴℰ】 An Apple: <_<
Oktober Blitz: the rule should be shove what ever you want in your face but if it dirves you crazy and you cut your own face off with a rust spoon thats your fault and you gotta fix it
【ℭℴℰ】 An Apple: We'll start with apples
【ℭℴℰ】 An Apple: 8D
Oktober Blitz: no

3:49 AM - DaivdBaekr: every time you get reported for underage cartoon horse porn
3:49 AM - DaivdBaekr: I carve a notch into my keyboard

you will be given a spoon and 24 hours to eat my ass

there will be no condoments you have to eat it the way it is.

[quote=Ћ Abomination Jones;492379439671437628]HURF DURF OVERKILL ARE WORSE THAN HITLER AND IM RIGHT AND YOU'RE WRONG. [/quote]


3:16 AM - Ravetion *Sick*: why are you still up
3:16 AM - Ravetion *Sick*: at 3 am
3:16 AM - Ravetion *Sick*: playing undertale
3:16 AM - 【ℭℴℰ】 An Apple: https://youtu.be/1vs55Z7t7bk?t=8s

[quote=Squid121;353916584656860917]thats some edge right there show me ur deviantart katana collection mister edge [/quote]
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If you see the phone icon at any time even if I am in game, 99.9% of the time I wont be at my computer.
Looking to Play - Bored willing to play any game
Away - Obviously not there
Busy - Off doing something else or Away who knows
Looking to Trade - Looking to buy or sell stuff so check in when you see that - Buying Trading Cards!
Drawing - Please don't spam me just leave a message if it's important.

Current song stuck in my damn head: Joseph Jacobs - Good Vibes

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"We love life, not because we are used to living but because we are used to loving." - Friedrich Nietzsche

"The loneliest people are the kindest. The saddest people smile the brightest. The most damaged people are the wisest. All because they do not wish to see anyone else suffer the way they do."

"The fear of death follows from the fear of life. A man who lives fully is prepared to die at any time." -Mark Twain

"Man cannot remake himself without suffering, for he is both the marble and the sculptor." - Alexis Carrel

"Happiness in intelligent people is the rarest thing I know." - Ernest Hemingway

I don't belive in forcing life styles on others, who are we to define life when we all have different outlooks, views, and definitions on how to live life. But it doesnt mean im not open, so hey talk to me about what you like and what not.

Rag time Apple Jack

Why the fuck are you reading this, this ain't facebook fuck outa here kiddo
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Unfunny Moments Oct 2 @ 10:45pm 
║░▒║ put this
║ ☭ ║ on your friends
║░▒║ profile to help
║ ☭ ║ mother russia
║░▒║ and commie friends
║ ☭ ║ kill USA and Fat american
║░▒║ and (not)Great Britain from colonism
[█▓] nuke them
[█▓] nuke them
[█▓] nuke them
scarce Sep 23 @ 4:09pm 
Omae wa mou shindeiru!
[VG]Adrian Dash Aug 10 @ 10:31pm 
Post this windmill to 5 other profiles to keep Steam properly Air conditioned █████░░░░██████████████
Arsta Spookcaller Aug 1 @ 7:34pm 
Give This Rose இڿڰۣ---To Everypony You Care About.
☭Tacos?☭ Jul 31 @ 4:27am 
Do you have enough fruit shots?