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🔸 Welcome to the Afterlife!
Have a Nice Death is an action roguelike game where you play as The Death himself, after spending millennia taking the life force out of various creatures you decide to go on a vacation so you make the Death Incorporated where others/your employees make most of the work and you sign the paperwork. But as time goes on the balance of souls has been thrown off the chart and to make the order, it's time to return to your previous form, the death-bringer!

🕹️ Gameplay - [9]
🔸 Now if the winds of Steam's recommendation have brought you to this game, then you are probably familiar with the games like Hades, Hollow Knight, or even Ori. This game beautifully put together elements of those games together and present to you this masterpiece. At first glance the gameplay and how the game works is quite simple, you gather your scythe & cloak and fight minions on each floor to reach the boss of that section, it's simple as that, but what makes this game so enjoyable and addictive is the fact that each run you start is different from the previous one due to factors like different weapons, spells, curses and the penalties that come with them.

⚔️ The Scythe, Spells, Cloak Weapons
◼️ You are not limited to one primary weapon, although the infamous weapon of Death is the Scythe, you can take 7 different kinds of primary weapons for your character, and each has a unique way of damage/speed. Spells and Cloak weapons unlike the primary weapon don't come at the start of the game as you will find them by beating a floor there are a lot of various weapons and spells to be found in this game, What makes it more interesting is the fact that each of these primary weapons and cloak weapon comes with a unique and powerful ultimate move that unleashes a devastating attack to the enemies (with a cool animation of course).
  • There are in total 41 Spells and 23 Cloak Weapons to be found in this game.

🛗 Floors & Elevator
◼️ Remember that I said each run is different, well here's another factor. Each time you play the floors or randomly generated (except the one before the boss room), after you beat a floor you enter an elevator where you can choose the floor you wish to go to. There are in total 12 Floors in this game, maybe in a run you notice you lack a good weapon so when you reach the elevator you select the Equipment Storage floor (if it's on the list as it's random).
  • As another example, there is a room called "Control Room" where you can spend your Prismium & Soulary (game currencies) to upgrade your equipment.

💀 Curses & Penalties
◼️ At some point in your run, you will encounter a mysterious figure who will grant you a curse, now unlike its game the curses are a blessing that gives you more power, damage, or even some of them make your enemies frozen upon damaging them! The curses come in 3 different sections and each contains a "curse-tree", each time you encounter the figure you can keep on upgrading the previous curse you unlocked or you can unlock a new and more tasteful one according to your run.
  • At higher levels curses come with a penalty that you must choose upon accepting the curse, it might reduce your weapon damage or even make some enemies more powerful, but don't worry as there is a room where you can get a ticket to remove the curse penalties.

🔍 Graphics - [8]
🔸 The game looks amazing as it successfully manages to give you the vibe of each region you enter, the Death Inc. is filled with little details here and there that can easily be missed for example, each time you learn of a spell or weapon, the icon of it will be visible in a fountain-like wall in your company.
Also, the game is highly optimized so even people with low-end PC can easily play the game and enjoy it.

🎧🎼 Soundtrack/Audio - [8]
🔸 The soundtrack really shines in this game as it's a glue that keeps the gameplay and graphic together, each of the Death moves sounds literally fit the action & character, and the music that keeps playing in the background gives more action or even a death vibe to the scene as you cut through the enemies. Each character in this game has a little voice-like sound to them, they don't speak but the sounds they make while having a conversation is quite enjoyable and even funny..

Story/Campaign - 7
Gameplay/Controls - 9
Graphics - 8
Sound/Music - 8
Replayability - 10
Achievements - 8

📋 Conclusion
🔸 I didn't start this game with high hopes but Have a Nice Death managed to surpass my hopes and reach way beyond what I imagined the game would be, with the amazing gameplay and the fact that each run is different from another it's a really enjoyable and quite addictive game to play in your free time. I would even say it's a must-play for those who enjoy games like Hades and Hollow Knight, there is much to be said about this game but those are best to be experienced by yourself, so discount or not, the game is worth the price.
So once again, Welcome to the Afterlife!

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