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Posted: Apr 4 @ 4:47pm
Updated: Apr 8 @ 7:56pm

Good game, lots of replay value. One of the few looter shooters that actually keeps me engaged. If you want to pick it up, get the goty edition and play it during the 6 month delay.

Epic Games exclusivity sucks major♥♥♥♥♥ please don't play into Epic's game. It's really lame that in order to play BL3, a game I have been waiting on for 5ish years, I would have to break up my collection and lose a ton of features that their crappy storefront provides. This isn't a competing against steam, this is forcing players to switch over to enjoy games. Rather than spending their v bucks on exclusivity deals, invest into their platform. If Epic put all put in something big like full cross platform compatibility, that would be a great way to distinguish themselves from Steam and add more to the player experience.
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