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Steel All Stars S21 - Spy for Winning Team
Game 1:
Game 2:

Highlander: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

NA UGC Silver S17 (Half Season not on record) - Sub Spy
AU UGC Steel S18 - Olfas Magic Carrot - Core Spy - 8th?
AU UGC Steel S19 - Cancer Cartel - Core Spy - 6th
AU UGC Steel S20 - Cancer Cartel - Core Spy - 2nd
AU UGC Platnium S21 - Cancer Cartel - Core Spy - something or other
RSL Main S7 - My Gaming Edge - Core Spy - 5th
RSL Prem S8 - Cancer Cartel - Sub - 5th

6v6: -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

AU UGC Steel S17 - Magestic Gamerz - Core Pocket
AU UGC Platinum - S23 UGC Prem 6v6 - Core anything.

OZF Main S29 - :cancer - Core Medic - 2nd
ABC Pug State vs State - TAS/NZ - Core Medic - 2nd
OZF Summer Cup Div 3 - TRAILER PARK INTERNET - Core Scout - 10th
CappingTV Summer Brawl Intermediate - CURSED - Core Scout - 10th



Pes: Aussie Spy Weps <3 Thanks man (helped finish my spy reskin collection!)
God: Random Spy Items, thanks dude. It was fun playing HL with ya!
Backyard Bandit: Lots of random stuff

Funny Chats:

Pork: Take notes Ambrosio
Ambrosio: 1 sec
Ambrosio: getting my notepad
Pork: kk
Pork: Ready?
Ambrosio: yes
Pork: Ok Rule #1 of being the best spy au
Pork: Always say u are the best spy au to make every other retarded tryhard jelly of u and mad
Pork: Rule # 2
Pork: Post frag movies to show ur skill in tf2c lobbies
Pork: and finally rule #3
Pork: Dont play spy in pubs and make an excuse to say that you dont wanna rek people
Pork: Got it?
Ambrosio: Yeah, I got my notes

Inferno Galaxy: hey Ambrosio
Ambrosio S> 2 Unusuals: yo
Inferno Galaxy: i see your a spy main
Ambrosio S> 2 Unusuals: yep
Inferno Galaxy: interested in my ambassador austy
Inferno Galaxy: ausy*
Ambrosio S> 2 Unusuals: depends on how much
Inferno Galaxy: i was hoping i could trade it for one of your unusuals
Inferno Galaxy: your fancy fedora
Ambrosio S> 2 Unusuals: ..
Ambrosio S> 2 Unusuals: I hope your joking
Inferno Galaxy: im not
Inferno Galaxy: why do you hope im joking
Inferno Galaxy: its Professinal killstreak australium ambassador

TheKillerPancake : Has anyone EVER seen ambrosio play any class other then spy?

Enigma : hes the plat spy
Enigma : why does plat spy lag switch


E²r.Ambrosio: Theoretical Spy is now playing nuculer throne
E²r.Ambrosio: Theoretical Spy changed his mind
E²r.Ambrosio: Theoretical Spy is now playing Team Fortress 3
E²r.Ambrosio: 2
E²r.Ambrosio: :3
Theoretical Spy ʂɧ ɧɧ: do you watch each of your friends to see what game they play and when they close it?
E²r.Ambrosio: Yes.

THS Hoovy : heavy hax?
Dubbity WubWubz : hx heavy?
Ikaros : yes
bhopmenop : kick heavy
bhopmenop : hacks

[SM] "Dubbity WubWubz" ("STEAM_0:1:84582202") started a vote to kick "E2r.Ambrosio".
Dubbity WubWubz : y you hacking c*nt
[Dubbity WubWubz : well maybe you shouldnt hack
[SM] Vote cast for yes.
Dubbity WubWubz : get skill E2r

pebl: i keep seeing your name as embryosio
pebl: and now im imagining a fetus with an ambassador
pebl is now Away.
Ambrosio: wtf lol (Top DMG)
gingacharma Nov 10, 2021 @ 11:22pm 
+rep I'm a quake champions enthusiast when vsing him
yessir Nov 6, 2021 @ 12:24am 
+rep malds when he wins
a big gamer (gaming time) Oct 22, 2021 @ 7:30pm 
No comments since 2016 :csgohelmet:
Ambrosio Nov 17, 2016 @ 12:25am 
Cleaned out my friends list, sorry if I unadded you. Feel free to comment here if you want to be added back.
Twshadowninja Jan 5, 2016 @ 6:31pm 
+Rep Knows What bricks are real
einten Nov 10, 2015 @ 11:50pm 
+grape( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)