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Sep 10 @ 9:59am
In topic [Release] 100% OJ Renamer
Seems like it still works.
After I've changed the name in game for 5000:stars:, renamer would show "<invalid>" in that name slot. Regardless, it still changed the name.
Jun 20 @ 2:09pm
In topic Poppochievements
May 30 @ 2:03pm
In topic Bug / troubleshooting thread v2
Originally posted by Enraged Erin:
Because I just got KO'd by it failing an evade roll. No active effects at the time of the death.

Thought I was mistaken. Now I think I got killed by the minion once. :poppo:

I get some blank fields in the shop.

How to:
Main screen > Shop > Characters > Hide Owned Items > Click on any char > Right mouse button.
If I turn "Hide owned items" off and on, it gets fixed. To get blank fields again I have to start from the main screen (leave and re-enter the shop).
May 30 @ 11:48am
In topic Bug / troubleshooting thread v2
1. Hyper Robo prepares Self Destruction.
2. Area of the effect is marked red.
3. Robo uses Protect.
4. Area of effect is not red anymore.
Self Destruction was still to be used, but there was no red area.
May 25 @ 10:43am
In topic Bug / troubleshooting thread v2
Cards used by boss have Marie Poppo name instead of Star Devourer.

edit: nevermind, that's how things should be.
May 24 @ 6:36pm
In topic Bug / troubleshooting thread v2
1. Haruo prepares area Peck
2. I use random warp card (here and there)
3. Haruo is on the new spot, but red area is on the same spot (next to 4th home)
May 22 @ 5:31pm
In topic PSA: Sherry crashes the game in COOP
Got a couple of crashes in games with Sherry. Last game everyone crashed. I wonder if it's because of Sherry. :poppo:
May 17 @ 3:03pm
In topic Bug / troubleshooting thread v2
Originally posted by Vic:
Ambush doesn't work on the moving Boss Chicken, kinda defeating the reason to run it.

I just played ambush on the same panel as Boss and Minion. It did nothing and I just continued my turn as usual (roll for move and such). It just wasted stars I guess.
May 16 @ 3:09pm
In topic Bug / troubleshooting thread v2
Originally posted by risbolla:
tomomo (dlc) says 5 rec on the card but you have 6 rec actually

+1 rec from attacker role probably. Attackers have recovery down 1 and attack boost 1.

I've had a challenge to bring SAOM or RCC to 2 games, and bringing RCC in CO-OP did not affect the challenge. Bringing SAOM did work though.
Mar 23 @ 6:14am
In topic [Release] 100% OJ Renamer
Problem is solved now. :qp:

Additional note on how to find the file you need:

1. Find 100% orange juice in your steam library.
2. Right click on 100% Orange Juice > Properties
3. On the 'Local files' tab click 'Browse local files...'
This will open the folder where 'user.dat' is located. :poppo:
Mar 22 @ 4:40pm
In topic [Release] 100% OJ Renamer
Originally posted by Lord Kaz:
When I choose it in the name changer and edit it, the new name stays in the application but when I open OJ it's still the 'old' name.

Did you choose the correct save slot in renamer? Try changing slots in renamer to see if the name stays correct. And if it changes, don't forget to press OK after you change the name.

Hmm, still a little bit confused on how to do this. Adding for help, if you don't mind

What problems do you experience? Here is a detailed instruction:

1. Download and unpack the archive ('Download' link in the topic).
2. Run '100 OJ Renamer.exe'
3. Press 'Choose file' (top left button)
4. Navigate to your game folder where 100orange.exe is located (something like 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\100 Orange Juice')
5. Choose 'user.dat'. You may want to make a backup copy of this file just in case.
6. Select a save slot that you want to change. (top right)
7. Input a name (click buttons). Click 'previous' and 'next' to navigate, 'clear' to erase all letters, 'back' to erase one letter.
8. Press OK to save the name. :poppo:
Jan 31 @ 12:34pm
In topic Bug / troubleshooting thread v2
1. I have an empty 3rd page when selecting pets
2. With some pets 'select pet' screen opens incorrect page (with equipped deer it opens 2nd page, while deer is located on the 1st page)
Jan 12 @ 8:32am
In topic What would you like to see next?
An option to disable inventory stacking to make sure that new pets (items) don't make the old ones untradable would be nice.
Dec 27, 2018 @ 2:46pm
In topic Bug / troubleshooting thread v2
In online game pets on the starting screen ("get ready" screen) don't seem to match.

Pets from last game (in order from player 1 to 4):
'get ready' screen: Chicken, Bomb, Chicken, none
in game: Searchlight, none, Chicken, none

(I have chicken as my avatar pet. And I forgot to check other players' avatar pets :challenge:)
Dec 25, 2018 @ 1:33pm
In topic Bug / troubleshooting thread v2
Originally posted by Sco7689:
It used to happen during a Poppo intensification events, when Poppo was greeting you on the main screen.

Seems to be the case. Arthur just appeared (instead of avatar character) and withed Happy Christmas. Then I went to online lobby and my avatar was the one I set, not Arthur. :qp:
Dec 25, 2018 @ 12:10pm
In topic Bug / troubleshooting thread v2
Originally posted by KawaiiSeeker:
it seems nico(wearing the christmas outfit) gets replaced by Arthur when you login but if you re enter main hub, she comes back

My Arthur avatar just changed to Nico with default pose. Only on the main screen though, it went back to Arthur with pose when I visited avatar section again.
Dec 24, 2018 @ 4:08am
In topic How to change my profile name?
Mar 22, 2018 @ 2:01pm
In topic Bug / troubleshooting thread v2
When you click on Suguri ver2 in main menu (first click), she says "Mhmm..." with pose 3, but only if pose 1 selected for avatar. So, if you change avatar pose to anything but pose 1, she says "Mhmm..." with pose 1. :suguri:
Sep 6, 2017 @ 1:08pm
In topic Bug / troubleshooting thread v2
Just tried to join a public lobby, but it asked me for a password.
Aug 17, 2017 @ 7:05pm
In topic Intensified Poppo Event Discussion
Just gor last Poppo for ~15 mobs kills in singleplayer. :yuki:
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