Karol   Lodz, Poland
When the world says "Give up."
Hope whispers "Try it one more time."
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Watch out! Furry here!
Age : Ask ;3
Gender : male
Personality : ISFP-A []
Langauges : polish (native), english
Music Genres : EDM, Trap
Fursona : Folf
Hobbies : furries, listening to music, programming

Case : be quiet! Dark Base Pro 900 Black Rev.2
Motherboard : ASUS ProArt X570-CREATOR WIFI
CPU : AMD Ryzen 9 5950X @ 3.40GHz
RAM : Corsair 64GB 2x32GB 3200MHz CL16 Vengeance LPX
GPU : AMD Radeon RX 6900 XT 16 GB
System : Windows 11 / Arch Linux
SSD : Samsung 2x1TB M.2 PCIe Gen4 NVMe 980 PRO
Power supply : Thermaltake iRGB 1200W 80 Plus Platinum
Display : 27” 2560x1440 IPS 144Hz

Current favourite song :
Alan Walker & Ina Wroldsen - Blue

Favourite artists :
Adventure Club []
Alter. []
Axel Johansson []
Barren Gates []
Crywolf []
Echos []
Ella Vos []
Fytch []
Illenium []
Jane XØ []
Lauv []
Laura Brehm []
Lost Sky (TULE) []
MitiS []
Prismo []
Said The Sky []
Seven Lions []
Skeler []
Skrux []
Stephen []
T-Mass []
Unknown Brain []
William Black []

Favourite music channels : MrSuicideSheep / SuicideSheep / NoCopyrightSounds / Trap Nation

Online : I'm here, ready to chat or play.
Away : I'm not here, I'll be back soon.
In-Game : I'm playing a game, I may respond slowly.
Offline : I'm not here or gone offline for some reason.

1. Don't send me a friend request if your profile is private, simply I won't accept it.
2. Any attempt of scamming me will result in block and remove from friends. (no mercy)
3. Be nice, be respectful while writing to me and I'll do the same.
4. Don't spam, if I don't respond that means I don't have time right now. I'll write back ASAP.
5. Message me in languages I understand.

If you don't mind these feel free to add me, so we can chat and get to know each other or just play a game. It's up to you. :woodlehappy:

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The Dancing Folf
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DAXmatrix Jan 2 @ 12:57pm 
noob destiny cheater
SquareRoot Nov 22, 2022 @ 3:23pm 
Do you really have nothing else better to do but customize your steam profile to showcase how much of a loser you are? In all honesty, no one cares about your PC specs or favorite music types, and to put this bluntly, if people know you're a furry they laugh behind your back because of your fetishized style of life. My friend, quit videogames, quit the furry ♥♥♥♥ and quit the internet. Life would improve by a 100000%
Veey Nov 11, 2022 @ 9:15am 
+rep pije na vrc
barmii Oct 24, 2022 @ 6:40pm 
barmii Oct 24, 2022 @ 6:40pm 
Demofox gaming Oct 10, 2022 @ 3:22pm