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Jul 16 @ 1:02am
In topic YS 8 Difficulty ?
So I played on Nightmare and the game is challenging, but not stupidly hard once you got the timing of enemy attacks and your dodge/guard. I found that you can't really level-grind that much, unless you grind for HOURS. I found it more enjoyable to just go into the boss fights without powerleveling first and just learn the boss mechanics and get my timings right.

I didn't try inferno but I heard that healing items are VERY limited and monsters are faster and hit harder. I guess if you have trouble with a boss in inferno you just have to get better, since you can't grind for more healing items and grinding for levels is even more tedious.

I'd suggest you start on Nightmare if you haven't had major troubles with higher difficulties in previous Ys games (especially Seven).
Jul 4 @ 4:00am
In topic Treasure chests in Great River Valley
There is one in the top left just south of the herb on the cliff.

And one also top left. When you come from the entrance there (yellow marker) go straight to that serpentine-like way, at the end is a chest.
Jun 20 @ 2:20pm
In topic Accessories on AI
Originally posted by The Tempted Man:
life suck items do, so why shouldnt this one?
Because the downside is basically negated.
There is a fan-website that covers that in huge detail. Which game to play, which order, etc. I suggest you check it out:

Keep in mind though that other Ys games are different than Ys VIII in terms of graphics and combat mechanics. But you might enjoy them anyway so give it a try!
May 23 @ 4:08pm
In topic Disappointed. Should I play more?
The locations will get quite different and (IN MY OPINION) the plot is really good, but only really starts in chapter 3. You will continue to explore the island and find survivors, but it will not be the main point anymore.
Yeah the game takes more than a minute to boot up.

What's also annoying is all the stuff that's popping up after match, especially after completing daily quests. You can either hit ESC to skip everything, but if you want to look at your stats or the game scores, then you have to wait through all of this.
May 13 @ 3:17pm
In topic Carlan...WTF
Originally posted by Whens Geis:
What do people like about her?
Personally I couldn't care less about her outfit. I like Dana because a) I like her personality and I'm intruiged in her storyline, b) her skills are pretty good c) she has 3 different styles and I LOVE the third one
May 13 @ 3:13pm
In topic Need help to make this game run good
Originally posted by supermichael7:
- Yes I am using a laptop, although it supposed to be a gaming Laptop Asus ROG. My GPU is Nvidia Geforce GTX 870m. I removed my battery from my laptop since it is normally plugged in. How do I make sure if it set to graphics card instead of battery saving mode?
There should be options for energy saving somewhere, where you can change when the laptop goes into sleep mode etc. Usually there are options for energy saving modes which don't use all the laptops available hardware. Maybe even a separate option for the graphics card. I think it's best you use google and search where you find these options specifically for your laptop. And maybe download a software (or if there is one pre-installed) that lets you know if the graphics card is used while you are playing a game.
May 13 @ 2:35pm
In topic Need help to make this game run good
Some brainstorming that may or may not help you:
- Are you playing on a laptop? Maybe it runs in battery saving mode or not using the graphics card.
- If you have an Nvidia graphics card, turn on Vsync in the system panel for Nvidia and deactivate it ingame.
- Lower a graphics setting one by one. Maybe there is one (for example shadows) that is bad for your PC but the rest can be run on high.
- Latest graphic drivers installed? I hear they can make a huge difference.

Also, what are your specs? Maybe we can better help you if we know them.
May 13 @ 2:03pm
In topic Need help to make this game run good
Originally posted by supermichael7:
For some reason my control still list PS4 buttons instead of Xbox 360 buttons, but that is weird my friend PC works perfectly on the high setting along with the button showing Xbox 360 buttons.
There is a setting in the options menu that's something like "Numbers, Letters, Symbols" as choices. You want 'Letters' for Xbox controllers.
May 13 @ 5:29am
In topic Carlan...WTF
Yeah the devs did a really good job making the player hate Carlan, and they did this for a reason. I'm not saying more than that.
May 13 @ 5:27am
In topic Game takes a long time to boot.
I never had this problem, do you have too many saves maybe? Is your drive where the game is installed on almost full? Do you have anything else running that fills up your RAM?
I believe the steam achievements are the same as the PS4 trophies. So you can look up a list of the trophies for the PS4 version of the game and check which achievement you're missing.
May 12 @ 7:06am
In topic S ranks for Hunts
Originally posted by Gamma Ray:
There's more than one hunt? I never encountered others.
Most of them unlock very very lategame, but there are 2 available from when hunts get introduced and another 2 a little while later.
May 12 @ 4:50am
In topic S ranks for Hunts
650k+ is S.

There are 2 hunts I also have a really hard time S-ranking. I'm like 50 points away at one of them. I tried different things... going through fast, going through slow, trying to get guards in every wave, etc... But the results I get seem very random. I think when your second squad (Dogi etc) kill enemies with their skills they don't give you any points. So if that's the case you want to kill as many enemies without giving your squad too many kills.
Thank you for your advices! I didn't know those raids are not plot essential. I still wanna do them before finishing the game so I guess I'll try the zone Cactoos mentioned :-)

A bit offtopic but: Is there a point of no return? If yes, is it clearly marked as such? If no, when is it (try to be as spoiler free as possible)?
Originally posted by Sasuga Ainz-sama:
You're expected to do some grinding. Try to be at the same level or a few levels higher than the mobs you're fighting. I think by the time you hit SG, the enemies there were around level 60.
Even then, that would be a 10 level difference to catch up to. It surprises me that the devs are okay with such a skip in monster levels.
But do I have to time to grind tho? I remember a tutorial message telling me that if the raid icon is yellow then I don't have much time to prepare, and if it's red then I need to do it asap. Or is it just referring to story progression, and I have all the time in the world to do exploring and grinding?
Also, do you know off the top of your head if there is a good leveling spot for 60-70?
There will be spoilers here up until (and including) Chapter 6. Also please don't spoiler me for anything that's further ahead, thank you.

So I'm playing on Nightmare and just went to the restored Seren Garden and was about to enter the Great Tree when I got a message from Paro that a raid is incoming.
My characters are around level 54-58 and I had no problems with the latest encounters. But the raid I had to do has a level recommendation of 70 and I got my ♥♥♥ handed to me. I was able to complete it but only by using many healing items. In the end I had no traps left and the gate was about halfway destroyed, which never happened before (usually only 0-2 traps get destroyed).
It's not only that: After the raid I talked to Dogi and immediately got another raid warning, another level 70 raid.

Did I do something wrong? What's up with the sudden increase in level? Or was I suppose to be around this level when going to Seren Garden? I had no problems with bosses or mobs though, and I never skip mobs. It's confusing to me that the game expects me to be around 15 levels higher.
Mid-Late game is very interesting and different. Even in the beach locations there are some cool things to discover. Of course there are some huge green plains that don't look particularly stunning but not everything has to be 'WOW' in my opinion.
May 3 @ 6:59am
In topic List Your Biggest Fish Here!
Originally posted by Titler:
Shoebill has a unique item that you will need to complete every achievement; he has Ocean Guide, Bitter Formula, and Ocean Hogeki

There's a guide here, which also lists varying fishing skills, but I'm not sure how accurate it is.
Thanks! Looks useful
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