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Alscar Belor   Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
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Yeah, so hey there, I'm Alscar (I don't know if I've temporarily changed it, I'm magical... but not that good). Uh, yeah so just look below for more, indepth information about me, myself and I.
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:BookShelf: Games Owned: 387
:BookShelf: Games Total Size: 2267.5 GB
:RatsClock: Account Age: 5.0 years
:RatsClock: Hours on Record: 7,298h
:RatsClock: Average Playtime: 25.9h
:BoostXP: Steam Experience: 16,221 XP

●▬▬▬▬▬๑ Some stuff ๑▬▬▬▬▬●

Anyway, I'm an avid gamer, I love to connect and network so feel free to message me and talk.

If you want to check out my YouTube channel, here it is, if you'd kindly support me by liking and subscribing it'd mean heaps. Also I will record all genuine requests that I can, so comment or message your requests!
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjUb2OGKfucpXbS4mQoA10g or click here

If you're looking to trade for anything, here's my trade link, just send me an offer. I am open for cross-game trading just so you know.
Trade URL: https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=253195144&token=jFTkiP6Z or click here

If you distrust my account for some reason, here's my SteamRep if so wish http://steamrep.com/search?q=Alscar or click here [steamrep.com]

:2017catheart: If you +rep me, I'll return the favour

Server Staff Positions
:gmod: [Project Co-Lead] ExpGames Current
:gmod: [Owner] Blackout Gaming Current
:gmod: [Developer] InfernoRP Passed
:gmod: [Senior Admin] ExpGames Closed
:gmod: [Moderator] Tempest Gaming Closed
:car: [Graphic Designer] San Andreas RP Closed
:gmod: [Moderator] LifePunch Servers Left
:gmod: [Moderator] (Revived) Synthetic Gaming Left
:gmod: [Head Admin] Sentinel Servers Closed
:gmod: [Moderator] (Classic) Synthetic Gaming Left

Discord Servers
:speech: Blackout Gaming | MedievalRP: https://discord.gg/yh3eUYq or click here [discord.gg]
:speech: The Server of the Gods: https://discord.gg/3EnhGvs or click here [discord.gg]

Favourite Games/Series
(Some will be added and taken away randomly)
:riften: The Elder Scrolls Series
:PlanetFire: The Mass Effect Series
:lu_assassin: The Assassin's Creed Series
:lotusflower: Warframe
:assaultrifle: Star Wars: Battlefront II
:vault: The Borderlands Series
:2: PAYDAY 2
:r6: Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six® Siege
:BorealisGalaxy: Star Wars: The Old Republic

Counter-Strike: GO Ranks
:csgoct: First Rank: Gold Nova I
:csgoct: Highest Rank: Master Guardian II (Post-'deranking')
:csgoct: Lowest Rank: Silver Elite
:csgoct: Current Rank: Unranked (Haven't played in a long time)

Star Wars: Battlefront II (2005; Classic) Stats
:assaultrifle: Army Rank: General
:assaultrifle: Player Points: 19,400 | Points p/life: 97
:assaultrifle: Kills: 7913 | Deaths: 197 | K/D Ratio: 40.17
Career Medals
:assaultrifle: Gunslinger: 45 - Elite
:assaultrifle: Demolition: 6 - Veteran
:assaultrifle: Regulator: 40 - Elite
:assaultrifle: Guardian: 194 - Legendary
:assaultrifle: Frenzy: 75 - Legendary
:assaultrifle: Technician: 11 - Veteran
:assaultrifle: Marksman: 17 - Veteran
:assaultrifle: Endurance: 265 - Legendary
:assaultrifle: War Hero: 172 - Legendary

Warframe Loadout
:lotusflower: Favourite Frame: Rhino
:lotusflower: Favourite Loadout: Rhino, Tigris, Ballistica, Glaive Prime, Sunika Kubrow
:lotusflower: Current Main Frame: Rhino
:lotusflower: Prime Frames: Ash, Ember, Frost, Nekros and Saryn

:2: Favourite Character: Hoxton
:2: Favourite Weapon/s: Silenced Dualies
:2: Favourite Style: Fast, Agile, Stealth

The Elder Scrolls
:riften: Favourite Race: Nord
:riften: Favourite Weapon: Bow
:riften: Favourite Alliance: Stormcloaks
:riften: Favourite Side Activity: The Arena (Oblivion)
:riften: Favourite Daedric Lord: Molag Bal
:riften: Favourite Divine (9Ds): Talos

Mass Effect
:PlanetFire: Player Style: Infiltrator
:PlanetFire: Favourite Follower: Garrus or Tali
:PlanetFire: ME2 Ending: Collector base destroyed
:PlanetFire: ME3 Ending: Everyone dead (REPLAYING)

Assassin's Creed
:lu_assassin: Favourite Game: Brotherhood
:lu_assassin: Favourite Assassin: Ezio Auditorè da Firenze
:lu_assassin: Favourite Multiplayer Assassin: The Barber
:lu_assassin: Favourite Assassination: Aerial Takedown

Rainbow 6 Siege
:r6: Clearance Level: 102
:r6: Favourite Attacker: Ash
:r6: Favourite Defender: Mute
:r6: Favourite Map: Oregon
:r6: PvP W/L Ratio: 1.50
:r6: PvP K/D Ratio: 1.29
:r6: PvP Time Played: 167hrs
:r6: PvE K/D Ratio: 34.49
:r6: PvE Time Played: 19hrs

Star Wars: The Old Republic
:BorealisGalaxy: Favourite Class: Sith Warrior
:BorealisGalaxy: Class Details: Alici'ian, The Emperors Wrath. Level 50
:BorealisGalaxy: Class Stories Begun: 7
:BorealisGalaxy: Class Stories Completed: 1

Best price return on games
:gmod: Garry's Mod | $9.99 | 1,186hrs| Price p/h: $0.01
:csgoct: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive | $14.99 | 791hrs | Price p/h: $0.02
:assaultRifle: STAR WARS™ Battlefront™ II | $9.99 | 74hrs | Price p/h: $0.14
:LotusFlower: Mount & Blade: Warband | $19.99 | 100hrs | Price p/h: $0.20
:riften: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim | $19.99 | 58hrs (1000+ on console) | Price p/h: $0.34

Quote Bank
My TS3 quote bank was sadly lost a long time ago, but this one was raise in its honour and will grow for it's fallen predecessor. Listed alphabetically

Alscar - "Yes, Uranus is a god"
Alscar - "Nerd on top of nerd"
Alscar - "Ooh, I just realised I can make it vibrate whenever I want"
Catz - "Imma snap a crisp one" *salutes*
Catz - "The End full of dragons and tall, black people"
Catz - "Don't you stomp me, you fúcked up bird!"
Catz - "Shut up, Cóck Man!"
Dark - "You feel like a soft strawberry yoghurt"
Dark - "Oh no, he's black"
Meg (mid-CS:GO) - "I have no idea what I'm doing"
Penguin - "They should have a real retárded Olympics, like, not cause they have no legs"
Power - "If I punch myself and it hurts, am I weak or am I strong?" *punches self* "uh, I didn't feel it"
Power - "Today is the day that Roo realised, she hated tentacles"
Power - "Let us pray to Uranus"
Power - "I'm the one who gave you the seed!"
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