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!!! WARNING !!!
This is the Only account I use for trading and buying/selling, I will never add you from another account. Beware of impersonators.

Always check that my steam profile level is 15, has a 4 year badge and 215 hours in CSGO to make sure it is me, and not some impersonator.


1. If i accept you to my friends list, name the item you are interested in, and send an offer for it.
2. If you add me first, you have to offer me first, i don`t offer my own items for items i am not looking for at that moment of time.
3. Scam atempts are useless, keep that in mind.
4. I don`t rollback trades, you accept the offer(s) you send me. If a trade is accepted and mobile app confirmed, the deal is done.
5. Failing to respect such simple rules will result in a removal.


1. CS:GO Lounge profile :
2. CS:GO Exchange Profile :

Level 10+, 200+ CS:GO Hours, 600+ Market Transactions.

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