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:SBpanda: Hey ! Listen !

:cozyhoi4eagle:I speak too many languages... :
(French) I speak french like... a french ? I guess ? (Aled... Ils sont trop con pour comprendre sans traduire via google...)
(English) I think i speak english pretty well. as you can see i don't use any translator. (right ?)
(Japanese) i won't reveal how good i am right now.

:solitude:Creating a game:solitude:
What ? Wanting my resume or something ? get out of here. :unpopular:

:falkwreath:i want badges... i need moar lvl and moar badges....:falkwreath:

:markarth: I love all sorts of videogames. But my favourites are RPG, Strategy Games and Infiltration Games :
-For RPGs : I love The Elder Scrolls, Fallout (the first one as well as Fallout 4 modded), Darksouls series.
-For SGs : I love Age of Mythology, Age of Empire 2, Lambda wars (free beta game, looks good)
-IGs : Metal gear series, Dishonored series...
-For FPS : I don't have a particular game in mind, but i used to kill time on CS:GO.

:steamsalty: About "IRL" :steamsalty:
Sorry, it doesn't exist.

:2016yeti: I'm here on earth since a while now. So i can talk about things i like like video games and SCIENCE.
:cozywolfensteinII: My favourite character : Me, of course.
:Isis:My favourite anime : 私たちはアニメが好きだと思う必要がありますか?
:2018salienpsychic: Favourite music : You want to know heh ? Shame on you.
Well, here is a taste of my style if you want :
:estusempty:I love classic, metal and rock, and i like many others types too.
:Sacked: My really favourite game : I'm a god, how can you kill a god ?

Oh, where is my science's love in this ? Here, we are in a simulation but the devs are really bad at implementing a faction universe multiplayer mode. WHERE IS XENOS ? I NEED TO CONQUER THE GALAXIES FOR THE GLORY OF THE IMPERIUM. And they will serve me for beeing different .

:Hire: Projects :2018bestaward:
:cozywolfmedalion:In producing:cozywolfmedalion:

:estusempty:It was me, Allinvo ! Thanks for reading. :Isis:

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ur french men
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I'M BLESSED ! :SBpanda:
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Renaud, le meilleur motivateur ptdr.