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Put up in a place,
where it's easy to see
the cyptic admonishment:


When you feel how depressingly
slowly you climb
it's well to remember that

Things Take Time.
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Before you read this i want to point our this is pretty old


2015 old

1.Steam statuses and what they mean on my profile
As you may have already noticed,steam has different "statuses" online,in-game,away,busy,and offline,I'm going to go through which each one means for my specific profile
:bbtgem: Online/in-game-contact me at any time,I'm normally available
:bbtcat: Away-normally doing things like homework,etc,keep contacting to a minimum
:sticky: Busy-working on something important DO NOT CONTACT ME
:demoticon: Offline-I'm not here,I won't respond,so...you know what to do..

new profile rule : if i see that you're bringing negativity to my profile , you're getting blocked permanently .

i'm already going through a lot , with excessive stress . i'm not dealing with this childish crap either . if i decide that you'll get blocked , then you'll stay blocked . don't try to crawl your way out of it by begging me with your alt , or your war pigeon .

i don't care if this seems edgy , and i don't care about your opinions on blocking . i do what i please .

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JacoTheNotSoGreat Sep 19 @ 4:00pm 
jason stop saying the n word
jason2005 Sep 19 @ 3:27pm 
-REP i never said that and would never ever say or type it idiot
JacoTheNotSoGreat Sep 18 @ 7:08am 
I guess so?
Em3rgency Sep 18 @ 6:17am 
Are you calling me a "virgin"?
Luis Sep 17 @ 8:42am 
Jason can you please unblock me we used to play csgo all the time i dont know why you have my blocked
JacoTheNotSoGreat Sep 16 @ 3:19pm 
jason please come back home you think im joking but im not please