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2015 2nd CS:GO BenQ CS:GO XL Series Tournament JAN (Onlineland)
2015 2nd CS:GO SteelSeries Tournament (Onlineland)
2015 2nd CS:GO MSi Beat It 2015 Thailand Challenger(LAN) (Onlineland)
2015 1st CS:GO UNITRY CS:GO LAN FINAL#1 Playoffs (Onlineland)
2015 3-4th CS:GO UNITRY CS:GO LAN (Onlineland)
2015 3-4th CS:GO UNITRY APRIL Tournament (Onlineland)
2015 1st CS:GO Zowie CS:GO Challenge#2 (LP11)
2015 1st CS:GO NVIDIA Competition Death Match : CSGO (2vs2)
2015 2nd CS:GO ThaiCSGO Duo Tournament#1 (2vs2)
2016 3-4th CS:GO AGES Thailand Qulifier LAN March 2016 (Kumnun)
2016 2nd CS:GO ZOWIE CS:GO Challenge#7 LAN Final (Glassysky)
2017 4th CS:GO FPSThailand x SteelSeries Pro League by Twitch Season #1 (MiTH)
2017 3-4th CS:GO FPSThailand x SteelSeries x DXRacer Pro League by Twitch-Season #2 (MiTH)
2019 3th CS:GO WX Winter CS:GO Invitational - Thailand Qualifier (Astro.csgo)
2019 3-4th CS:GO Geforce Cup Pacific Thailand - Grand Final (Astro.csgo)
2019 1st CS:GO ZOWIE eXTREMESLAND CS:GO : Thailand Qualifier (Astro.csgo)
2019 5-8th CS:GO IEM Beijing 2019 Asia Open Qualifier #2 (Astro.csgo)
2019 3-4th CS:GO Nex CS:GO Invitational 2019 Thailand Qualifier (Astro.csgo)
2019 2nd CS:GO Geforce Cup Pacific Thailand - Final Stage 1 (Astro.csgo)
2020 7-8th CS:GO WX Winter Invitational 2020 (Astro.csgo)
2020 1st CS:GO HYPE Army Cup - February 2020 (Astro.csgo)
2020 3-4th Valorant eArena Valorant Cup Powered By TOT fiber 2U (Looking for partner)

bind "c" "+jump;-attack;-jump"
-tickrate 128 -refresh 240 -console -novid -d3d9ex
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Alish Aug 25 @ 4:14am 
added for trade
- Im not a scamer.
- I collecting CSGO items with rare stickers.
- I won’t take you much time, but I’ll make a good trade offer.
×××÷ Aug 23 @ 11:27am 
×××÷ Jul 6 @ 4:32pm 
Almost 2years u didn't acpt my friend request.
Loxus :D Jun 23 @ 8:18am 
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