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Jan 1st 2021
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Some General Info About Me.

Hello Everyone names Ali.

Some basic info :

My likes are pretty simple.
Colors : Purple, Pink, Magenta, Cyan, Green, Teal.
Game Types : First Person Shooters. Role Playing Games, Real Time Strats and Simulators.
Music Styles : Rock, Metal, some Country Artist, some Rappers.

My Dislikes are simple as well.
Colors : yellow, pis greenish yellow, indigo,
Games Types : Horror,
Music Styles : New Rap, and some "pop" artists.


Games i play are simple :
Garry's Mod,
The Forest

Server(s) i play on. :
GMOD DAYZ (HellBreak) :
Always updating, Feels like a real mmo with RPG skills, Custom weapon upgrades and much more, UK/EU Hosted Great connection though. fishing, Quests, Daily log in rewards, Base building, PVP, PVE, Zombies in the Wild, PVE Events, Ingame Economy.
Nice Dayz Remake, Usually 20-40 people sometimes 50-60.

Favorite Quote I Like :

You do everything you can to make up for it, Knowing that you'll never succeed in getting rid of the guilt. You devote yourself to spending every second trying to do better despite the fact that it will never be enough. You pray with every single good act you do that somehow, When your life is over that you came close to making up for the wrong you committed.

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Hello everyone an welcome to my first ever workshop upload.

This Command Cruiser will be one in a series up "Ruvik" Class / Designed ships in a made up faction i have thought about each will have a purpose to them and each will have flaws and bonuses
Created by - Ali
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Its not pink.
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Welcome to Grim Dawn
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This game is unique in its own charming way. The game is mostly like a World of Warcraft type of game but more of the original World of Warcraft classic people liked.

I have 5,100 hours in this game and say im still finding new things. Class combination and customization are more then anyone can ask for, not to mention once you pick a class you can change its role with out starting over. Made a necromancer realized it isnt what you were hoping for (which is a good class some people just don't like needing more then 2 action bars.)
Then open your skill tree click role and change it around from necromancer to pyromancer and make your pryomancer for the fun of it into a healing pyromancer or a summoner pyromancer.

Now of course there is some down sides to this game like the 30-45 minute tutorial and no flying mounts in the game and the accidental ability to teleport into the other "factions" land or towns an not mean to. I have done this maybe 4 times as a guardian i would teleport to far south which isnt that bad but perhaps a way to know would of been a better idea. A icon on the teleport spot would of been helpful or discription warning if your faction didnt match the flag for the zone.

Now of course the game does have a pay to skip machanic not a pay to win because it gives you just the bare minimum gears to even farm a level 50 even thought the token can level you to 65. You also do not get gold for doing this so you really mess your self up unless your giving your self gold in the mail. And you only cut your tutorial in half 15-25 minutes if you activate the level 65 token at the start of your characters life.

Which brings me to cosmetics and wardrobe, So any gear you get your entire account wise can be used so you can make your gear look like a level 70 with only level 0 rags equiped. The best way to explain this is that your going to have fun messing with people hiding your level with cosmetics.

Pro's :
Huge open world not liner like tera.
Class/skill customization building out the wazoo.
Cosmetics are free and carry to all characters once the item is picked up an equiped once.
Frendly community who helps players.

Con's :
pay4quality of life abilities with a loyaly system.
no flying mounts.
class lock behind some paywalls for the most op classes. which isnt allot maybe 12. out of 60

8/10 rating.

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