Alexey Wulphenstein
Mark W.   Braunau, Oberosterreich, Austria
First of all, I'm a Furry, but not a brony. Just to clarify that.

A handful of my friends know me as "AlexeytheGMODer", some even since 2010. As you can tell, that's when I was pretty much just playing Garry's mod, but since 2014, I kinda lost interest in it since it kept changing too drastically, and now I just seldomly play it, when I get in the mood to.

Currently I am more often online, just as usual.

I have a job at a local company as a metal technician, so yeah. Just chilling and milling.

If you want to know more, just talk to me here on steam, or if I know you atleast a bit, on discord. Whenever I'm online, I'll usually write back immediatly, unless I'm afk, in game, or when I'm mobile with my phone muted.

Some Funny Conversations:

19:45 - Bor_Machine [SmbH]: dann is son "schischiedsrichter" gekmmen und hat gesagt "joa ihr seid jez tot"
19:45 - Bor_Machine [SmbH]: aba war schon iwie lustig
19:47 - (AFK duh)AlexeytheGMODer: "ja hallo leute, ich hab nen auftrag, is müssts jetzat tot spielen, weils sonst die b'soffnen leit von der zwoaten wiede ois vertballern, ok?"
19:47 - Bor_Machine [SmbH]: lol ja so ungefähr!

10:55 - Sir Andross: YOU ARE GERMAN
10:55 - Sir Andross: I THOUGHT YOU WERE ASIAN.


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