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Looking to rank up on CS:GO Comp I can help read the about me before adding. :csgoglobe:
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About Me
Adding Rules
Add me only if you are looking for a friend or looking to rank up on comp just to let you know its not free. If I invite you to a comp it is free so thats a plus :rwSmile:.

General Information
•Age: 18
•Sex: Male / Female
•Relationship: N/A
•Birth Date: You mean Death Date?

CS:GO Info/Cost
Rank: Silver 1 (So I can play with any rank to help boost them)
Price: 2 Keys (Win is guaranteed if we dont win we will go till we win or you can ask for a refund)

Items I dont accept for pay
Skins under $1 (This apply's for online price not Steam Market)
This includes keys that are under 2.45
Knife's (I cant pay the rest back so dont give me knifes)
Glove's (Same reason as the knife's)
Skins with Unconfirmed Price (This is a skin that price keeps changing everyday)

How can I trust your not a scammer?
I dont scam but if you dont trust me dont ask for help.

We dident win the match does this mean I payed for nothing?
No! We will keep going till we win or you can ask for your items back.

I changed my mind can I get refunded?
Yes I will be sad but you can.

Why do I have to pay just to win a match?
I am a smurf so I can help win matches but one you pay your chances of getting invited to comp is higher I will add you to a list and you get into giveaways as well to win some skins for no price and no sign up its like VIP once you are added you get into every giveaway as well along with the free carry matches.

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deer< Aug 19 @ 5:54am 
TheEpicYnot May 4 @ 6:05pm 
+Rep My BFF love u too buddy :nekoheart:
Muffin Lady Apr 12 @ 6:38am 
Hi! ^u^ I'm adding ya cause you seem pretty cool, and we met in tf2 and that was fun af.
TrapRemix121 Apr 3 @ 10:20pm 
Busy = ♥♥♥♥ off... Smart af lmao
ITSJulio Mar 31 @ 5:58am 
hi there
Mar 23 @ 6:36am 
Thank you for giving hugs to my fellow Texan bud :).

+rep from Texas and is nice to gives hugs

Can I get a hug and +rep please :DDD