Alexander Johannes Arvad Larsen   Tommerup, Fyn, Denmark
'Fear The Future'
I like taking screenshots in various different games.
I also enjoy hunting for achievements in games

I don't wanna trade anything, so stop send me trade invites.

Name:Alexander Larsen
Born: 28/01/1995
Where im from:Denmark
Playing: Mostly FPS or RPG's, other genres at times

Mostly i try to get trough the massive amount of games that i have bought over the years.
Or else im playing randomly or hunting achievements.

Battlenet: Alexander452#2396

My youtube channels

Flickr profile for uncompressed screenshots

My Gfycat profile with smooth gifs
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Kingdom Come: Deliverance
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Train station
More information about me
Why 452 of all things?
I honestly don't know, it originally started on the Xbox 360 with my gamertag alexnder452 and i sort of just held onto that nickname.

What do you use to take screenshots with?
Mostly i use Steam, Geforce experience or Fraps. It depends on the game and situation

How do you create your gifs?
I record them via 'Gefore Experience', edit them in 'Sony Vegas MovieStudio HD 11 Platinum', upload them to gfycat and i can get a compatible version for places like steam where the size limit is 8 MB.

What's you least favourite genre in games?
Sports games, visual novels, Walking simulators and puzzle games

What's you favourite genre in games?
FPS,Turnbased and RPG

How do you have so many games?
Bundles, sales, free giveaways, gifts.
Bascially i'm a cheapass

how/why did you reach that high level?
bad judgement of my usage of money.
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100% Achievements Group - Public Group
It's all or nothing.
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204 Hours played
Fallen Earth.
One of my favorite mmorpg's out there.
One of the better things is does is it's crafting system.
Everything you own,you can craft. Of course you can still buy it, but it is still pretty awesome.

The gameplay is somewhat okay, it feels like a normal mmorpg in the gameplay.
The world is HUGE, compared to other free2play mmorpg's i have played in a while.
There are no real class, so you can create your own playstyle from a good bunch of skills and traits.

Now i know alot of people say this is a "Fallout Clone/copy". Which is far from it, the game is nothing
like Fallout except that you can both have first and third person. And that it is a rpg in a apocalypse world.

So my advice is to try it out before you judge it, because hey it's free2play.
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A beautiful forest while snowing in spectacular crisp 4k.
1,804 ratings
Created by - PASH
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Created by - The Spartan<TWM> and dusty_thoreau
So, you just stepped into a Steam sale, or someone has gifted you S.T.A.L.K.E.R. eh? Well, maybe we can help you. Just pour yourself a glass of Cossacks Vodka, and pray you survive the next blowout, rookie.

This is not our information, we are just humbl
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