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M9 Bayonet | Standard/b]
Bayonet | Slaughter (MW)
Bowie Knife | Fade (FN)
Shadow Daggers | Fade (FN)
Butterfly Knife | Fade (FN)
M9 Bayonet | Doppler Phase 2 (FN)
Karambit | Doppler Phase 2 (FN)

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A very good game that reflect everything star trek has been doing so well over fifty years. However, there are some things that need to be pointed out. I'll start by the positive elements.

Pros :

- The story. The different story arcs available throughout your leveling are fantastic. They take you to the edge of universe, with each story set having missions, characters, ships, factions and planets to its own. You start off fighting Klingons (as a federation), and through the levels slowly move towards more challenging foes such as the Breen or even the Borg which are both endgame story arcs. With regular updates, the story arcs keep the players entertained, with new ones being added every six to seven months, increasing the level cap but also adding new characters, locations, ships and rewards.

- The 'Free to Play aspect'. The F2P aspect in this game is very well done. With a F2P system, Star Trek Online is one of the rare games that offers the players the possibility to exchange in-game dilithium (crystals that you obtain from different missions, pvp or pve queues, that you must then refine) for ZEN, which is the microtransaction currency that is used by this game. This allows players to earn their ZEN freely and perhaps save for a certain starship they want.

- The content. There are several videos on youtube regarding the content of this game, which isn't locked behind paywalls. All the DLCs are free, and the game comes with a huge variety of weapons, ships, customization options, vanity pets, shields and so on.. All of those are available for free. For example, you've got over twenty different beam types that each have their own specific abilities, but beyond that, you are able to get them by in-game currency.

- The community. I can say that the STO community is composed of mostly mature peoples, and is way less toxic than some communities on here.

- Space combat. Very catchy, with various abilities each layed out for your ship, bridge officers and so on. There is much to do in space - explore, but mainly fight. Your spaceship comes with a variety of item slots that can be fitted using hundreds and hundreds of different combinations - which is just fantastic - customization is something abundant in this game.

Cons :

- Ground combat. While space combat can be epic, ground combat is mostly seen as badly-layed out. It is linear, and lacks any potential, being a standard 'click and shoot' game.

- PvP. PvP is dead. Nobody plays it anymore due to the developpers not caring about it, focusing themselves on expansions and such.

- Focused on combat. If you wanna boldly go where no man has gone before, this game isn't for you sadly. The exploration aspect is present in the game, however, it is heavily overtaken by the combat mechanics that seem to be the main focus in this game. Want new gear ? Do PvE and fight. Wanna farm reputation to get passive traits for yourself and your starship ? Do PvE and fight. Want that fancy new ship and you can't afford to spend $20, therefore having to mine dilithium for a long time ? DO PVE AND FIGHT ! The game mechanics are focused on fighting.

Final note :

I can give this game a 8/10. However, there are some changes to be made in PvP, ground combat.

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