Alex Elder
DON'T add me randomly without posting below, on the comments area. You will get a block instead. If level 0 or 1 auto-blocked and flagged/reported.
No bots on my lawn.

If you see a link on my lasts comments area don't click it, it's a scam or hack attempt.:yawning_creep:

My library increase exponentially, I must admit it, I have a disease!

TRADER REPUTATION: http://www.steamgifts.com/user/aElder/feedback click there the link to steam profile (under avatar) and check if you're really talking to me.

BEWARE OF IMPERSONATORS: There are people linking to ST profiles of other people, just click on the link to profile of poster of offer and check if it matches the link to steam with the person you are talking to, compare the entire profile, date of registration, ammount of games, screenshoots, groups, friends, little private groups. Check who you trade with, from my profile there you can click and come here.
First red flag is if the user added you on steam and didn't post on your thread.
Also always use www.steamrep.com to check there if has done anything wrong. Remember to click on search in the forum, in case is a recent scammer won't be flagged. I'm sad to say that currently steamrep is nearly useless, but still should be checked.

My trading and selling thread: steamtrades [www.steamtrades.com] & barter profile [barter.vg]

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raptr [raptr.com]
xfire [www.xfire.com]
playfire [www.playfire.com]

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Adding you to send Bundlelicious v2.0 win!
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check mail >.>
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_ H A P P Y _ N E W _ Y E A R _
Elder Oct 29, 2016 @ 4:38pm 
Thank you!
wany1981 Oct 29, 2016 @ 12:20am 
http://store.steampowered.com/app/378040/ on your wishlist.. it's free today for holloween so get now and keep forever.