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My name is Aleksandr Dmitriyevich Vasilkov. It's like "Alexander, son of Dimitri, of Cornflowers".
I was born on 12 January 1995 in Saint Petersburg, Russia. This makes me 24 full years old.
I studied in a school with advanced English, then did nothing in particular for approximately 12 months in the universilty of ITMO. I can speak English, lol.
I got kicked, served in 2014 as a T-72B tank driver (mostly did printing/writing as a company scribe). So, I can also drive a tank and shoot a Kalashnikov.
I am a gun nut (I like them, but only have air guns), enjoy drawing stuff in Flash. Did you guys know that Dragunov SVD has a bolt catch? So didn't I, at first.
I have a limited experience with texturing, mapping, sound, modelling, and compiling for Left 4 Dead 2. I recently started making first-person weapon animations.
I am an exceptionally passive, incredibly lazy, but unusually kind and somewhat naive person full of dreams and ideas which will apparently be never fulfilled.

Thanks to Sokol for the background :steamhappy:
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Alex_D_Vasilkov Mar 17 @ 10:36am 
@asco tu existencia, it opens up practically every Source vpk file out there. For the default game files seek pak01_dir.
Alex_D_Vasilkov Mar 17 @ 9:30am 
@asco tu existencia, GCFscape is a simpler tool; it's sole purpose is to open GCF and VPK files and export files from them. Crowbar (see my only Steam group) is used for many things and may be excessive for your tasks.
Alex_D_Vasilkov Mar 17 @ 9:06am 
@asco tu existencia, I take such things for granted these days, but you'll need Authoring Tools to get the vpk.exe (you drag-and-drop your mod folders onto it or its shortcut to make them into vpks). To open the mod vpks up and export them you can either use GCFscape or Crowbar.
supersandia2 Mar 17 @ 8:58am 
lol ok
Alex_D_Vasilkov Mar 17 @ 8:53am 
@asco tu existencia, maybe you use Google for once? Don't be shy!
supersandia2 Mar 17 @ 8:20am 
ok how do i do that i´s with a program, change the vpk format or...