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"We are all successful, the difference is our perception of success" - Me 2/27/2018

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Scott 25.12.2019 kello 9.47 
[SPC]Williams.A 11.6.2017 kello 20.00 
About what midnight said. That was back when my steam name was Ivan
CAPTAlN_CHAMBERS 30.3.2017 kello 16.16 
Midnight 19.1.2017 kello 19.26 
It starts off as a little innocent historical appreciation of all things Prussian. Then slowly, you find yourself calling it Königsberg not Kaliningrad. You play all those computer strategy games, always choosing Germany and trying to establish your own little digital 4th Reich. Next thing you know you're wearing combat boots and chain wallets with Iron Cross symbols to school. Eventually you get accused of being a Nazi, to which you reply that "the Wehrmacht never did anything bad, it was the SS that were Nazis." You terrify your local neighborhood with your badass all black Wehrmacht officer's trench coat and cap. You annihilate any and all Nazi accusations with a lightning-fast and devastating "Rommel did nothing wrong." Everything's going awesome until one day somebody's had enough of your ♥♥♥♥-- Ivan smashes you over the head with a hammer and sickle-- "GTFO ♥♥♥♥!" You collapse and he pisses over your body while chugging a bottle of vodka.