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ZΞNIX:"If you want to frick a dog, be italian and a frog"


pol:"Cortina d'ampezzo l'hai mai sentita?"
dema:"No faccio schifo in geometria"

*DEAD* [VIP] Louy2k : HOW

u/PlasticSuccessful118: Bro that’s my friends account you don’t know how much money we make from boosting and selling accounts leave us alone you 18 avg bot we make money easily from clients ect stop hating our grind you could probably boost people too if you weren’t a bot it’s a way of life it’s the prem ghoul life we are good at cs so we can make money from it you play the game for fun we are not the same sadly we play for fun and make money because it’s that easy why should we waste our time playing fpl c for basically no rewards or any money basically and team cs is ducking trash so don’t say oh go pro u don’t know how hard it is and don’t say get a real job either we have jobs outside of cs ontop of us trying to get school grades to become and do better things we are ages 16-19

ZΞNIX:"dema sei la donna più bella"

*DEAD* Reqho : stfc [censored]
[SourceComms++] ADMIN: Issued an extended silence on Reqho for 2880 minutes (reason: [AutoMute] racism).

GFZ : [censored] bro ahhahahah 1v1 n you tryhard like ♥♥♥ xD
[SourceComms++] ADMIN: Issued an extended silence on GFZ for 60 minutes (reason: [AutoMute] bad words).
GFZ left the game (Disconnect)

*DEAD* AlexDema‎ : nt mm
Player MMFACAGARE has been muted for receiving significantly more communications abuse reports than most players.
[FACEIT^] MMFACAGARE has disconnected from the server. They have 5 minutes to rejoin the server or they will be issued a cool down.

Null:"Come si scrive condoglianze? Con GL giusto?"

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kys fat pig
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prego *
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Did you cancel the trade?
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Never seen someone cry like that in CSGO hahaha just because he has no chance against a girl