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Feel free to add me if you need help, but first, be sure to comment my profile before adding me as a friend, or I will deny.
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Youtuber and CS:GO Player
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Welcome into my profile, boys n girls.

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I am a 19 years old person who got a real life Job, I like playing video games in my free time, if not, one of my passions.

Youtube : 1,1K.
Samp : xSF Lead Administrator.
Discord : AlDuelz#0001
Twitter : AlDuelz

Concerning a potential "add as a friend", be sure to check what I've wrote below, otherwise, I will deny it instantly.

Don't add me if you are willing to :

- Trade / Sell items

I will deny anybody who has got his steam profile Private or Vac banned (can be verified).

Add me for :

- Talking
- Dueling

Counter-Strike experience :

Old CS:Source player, played it for 5 years on another account

CS:GO : Over 1500h (counting my smurfs and my old accounts unfairly banned)

Don't forget to read my favorite guide, how to avoid getting scammed, it will surely helps you a lot.

Thanks for reading.

Best Regards,


Favorite Guide
Created by - .pok
One guide to rule them all - I have covered pretty much all different scams one way or an other here, this all is gathered from years of experience. Read this and you will know how to save your items from the greedy scammers.
This guide is a bit long yes
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FL1NCH Oct 5 @ 5:53am 
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+rep Un gentil bonhomme :D !
Akahiko Chocola Sep 9 @ 12:02pm 
+rep Wankul <3<3<3<3
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+rep il est riche est drole hahaha lol mdr xd
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+rep tres bon joueur quand il a la fizoumir
KL Jul 22 @ 3:03pm 
+rep gigantesque♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ ouais c'est bon