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Gavin   Groningen, Groningen, Netherlands
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Sonic Adventure DX
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~MyAnimeList Tag: AkuBaka
-Discord Tag: AkuBaka#4724

:extramoney: -Favorite Games/Series (Not In Any Perticular Order) :extramoney:
~Smash Bros, Rivals Of Aether, Mario Strikers Charged Football, Terraria, Mario and Luigi Series, Mario Kart, Mario Galaxy (Damn, so many mario games:mirrorshot:), Sonic Colours, Pokemon Gold, Kirby Super Star Ultra, Sonic Rush (Adventure), Skullgirls, Hyper Light Drifter,

:HatHealth: -Favorite Anime :HatHealth:
~JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (Obviously), Kill La Kill, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, Corpse Party, Food Wars, Blend S, Dragon Maid,

:astralprojection: -Favorite Series/Movies (Non-Anime) :astralprojection:
~Adventure Time, Gumball, Regular Show, Legend Of Korra, RWBY, The 100, The Walking Dead (Until Season 7 Atleast, Lost Interest In It), The Darkest Hour, Marvel Movies (The Avengers, X-Men And All The Solo Hero Movies), My Name Is Khan,

:_Square_:-Favorite Music Genres/Artists/Bands:_Square_:
~Genres: Vaporwave, Synthwave, Electro, Dubstep, Trap, Drum&Bass, Vocaloid, VGM, Future Funk
~Artists: HOME, Gorillaz, Kagamine Rin, REOL, Swingfly, Moe Shop,

:BlueOrbus: -Rivals Of Aether :BlueOrbus:
~Mains: Kragg:kragg:,
~Secondary: Forsburn:forsburn:, Zetterburn:zetterburn:
~:heartless: Hearts to MasterDieDie for giving me the Summit Kragg Promo! :heartless:

:PrepareToDie: -Skullgirls :PrepareToDie:
~Team 1: Beowulf, Parasoul,
~Assists: Wulf Shoot, (H) Napalm Shot,

~Team 2: Beowulf, Robo Fortune,
~Assists: Hurting Hurl (H), Theonite Beam (H),

:bluejewel: -BlazBlue :bluejewel:
~Main: Noel:Noel:

:2017stickycrab: -Fantasy Strike :2017stickycrab:
~Mains: Jaina, Setsuki,

:PugHomeWorld: -Fightcade :PugHomeWorld:
~Fightcade Gametag: AkuBaka
~Games I play: JoJo, 3rd Strike, SSF2X, MVC,

:SBpenguin:If you want to do friendlies, just ask!:SBpenguin:

W H O T H E F U C C I S G O I N G T O R E A D A L L O F F T H I S.
I T I S N O T L I K E Y O U W A N T T O K N O W A L L O F T H I S.

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