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         αвoυт мe:
        ⛧мy ɴαмe ιѕ αĸιттυ/ғlυттeнѕpoι. ι'м тнαт oɴe creαтυre wιтн тнe вιɢ вυɴɴy           eαrѕ, deмoɴ нorɴѕ, αɴd weιrd looĸιɴɢ cιrcle eyeѕ!
        ⛧ι υѕυαlly jυѕт нαɴɢ αroυɴd plαyιɴɢ oɴ α cιɴeмα ѕerver cαlled, 'ѕмαll нorѕe           cιɴeмα' oɴ α ɢαмe ɴαмed ɢαrry'ѕ мod. ι'м α co-owɴer ғor тнe ѕerver αɴd           jυѕт ѕpeɴd тιмe мαĸιɴɢ тнιɴɢѕ ғor тнe ѕerver!
        ⛧ι'м cυrreɴтly ɴoт ιɴ α relαтιoɴѕнιp wιтн oтнerѕ, αɴd doɴ'т plαɴ тo αɴyмore,           ғor мαɴy dιғғereɴт reαѕoɴѕ, ѕo αpoloɢιeѕ ғor тнαт.
        ⛧ιғ yoυ'd lιĸe тo ĸɴow мore αвoυт мe, yoυ coυld αlwαyѕ coɴтαcт тo мe           тнroυɢн ѕтeαм αɴd ѕтυғғ!
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         мy нoввιeѕ:
        ⛧ ι αlѕo нαve α yoυтυвe! ι мαĸe ɢood pαc3 тυтorιαlѕ тo нelp oтнerѕ αɴd oтнer          ɢoodιeѕ! lιĸe мαĸιɴɢ rαɴdoм αɴd ғυɴɴy ѕυcн, eveɴ ɢαмeplαy ѕoмeтιмeѕ.
        ⛧ι've plαyed pιαɴo ғor αlмoѕт 6 yeαrѕ ɴow, ιт'ѕ oɴe oғ мy ғαvorιтe ιɴѕтrυмeɴтѕ          αɴd eveɴ do ѕoмe vιdeoѕ oɴ ιт oɴ мy yт.
        ⛧ι plαy ɢαмeѕ α loт, мoѕтly vαlve ɢαмeѕ or мodѕ тнαт υѕe тнe вαѕe oғ тнe          ѕoυrce eɴɢιɴe. мy coмpυтer eαѕιly rυɴѕ oɴ тнeм вυт ι do plαy oтнer ɢαмeѕ          wнeɴ ι wαɴт тo.

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         oтнer тнιɴɢѕ:
        ⛧leαve α coммeɴт ιғ yoυ wαɴт тo αdd мe! yoυ coυld вe ѕoмeoɴe ғroм мy          yoυтυвe cнαɴɴel. αɴd ι мoѕт oғ тнe тιмe doɴ'т αdd ғrιeɴdѕ тнαт αreɴ'т ιɴ          coммoɴ wιтн мe. ѕo мαĸe ѕυre тo leαve α мeѕѕαɢe.
        ⛧ нave ѕoмe мυѕιĸѕ, тнanĸѕ тo ғoхy(ĸaтz) ғor gιvιng мe тнιѕ <3

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         ꍏꋪꍟ ꌩꂦꀎ ꅏꍏ꓄ꉓꃅꀤꈤꁅ ꎭꌩ ᖘꋪꂦꎇꀤ꒒ꍟ? :tera_threat:
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Marcel.ExE Jul 19 @ 9:59pm 
♥~Kaifloof~♥ Jul 19 @ 9:15am 
Heck off trolls. You're just jealous that Aki is better than you and he's got actual talent.

@Shaolin Warrior, if it lags, then stop visiting his page. It's that simple

@Cecil, Go look in the mirror.
Alexadria(ill) Jul 19 @ 9:10am 
+rep Awsome x cute = OMG ded
Alexadria(ill) Jul 19 @ 9:09am 
-steps on cecils comments and grinds it under my boot- dont be mean to akittu, or your heads the next thing under my boot.
Cecil Jul 19 @ 1:07am 
+rep Gay Cunt
Crack'n Crackers Jul 18 @ 9:04pm 
+rep a rather easy going and funny guy.