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ハートパターン は君を指してたんだ




The excited faces of people
Bathing in the pouring sun
I glare and cut through
A morning after an all-nighter

Past the people who dodged me
Who’s in a bad mood and eyes disappointed
Saying “hello” and doing a stretch
With messy hair, you were standing

When you realize, the eyes meet
A sweet romance, not interested at all

But I wonder why
I can’t see your face

“I don’t have anything to do with it, because…….ugh, so annoying!”

Even if I glare at the sun I found
Even if I put a lid on this thumping heart

Can’t hold this feeling in, it feels disgusting
I don’t know, it’s a weird feeling

wow wow wow
My attitude shows on my face
For some reason I got nervous and my voice squeaked

“I don’t understand this situation! So annoying!”
I’m acting a bit stupid

Today again, the classroom is normal and I yawn
Next to the window, only the two of us

It bothers me, even if I turn on the radio
With a bored attitude

I stood up but wasn't paying attention
And is clearly seen through

That the headphone
I was pretending to listen to
Was connected to nowhere

“If time goes on, I’ll forget, something like that”
I was somewhat stubborn

But I wonder why
I can’t put it into words
Even if I’m in a bad mood, no words come out

Carefully “Lets show with my attitude”
I sealed away my words and once again ran in circles

“This feel, if it’s going to go on, then it’s not so bad”
Feeling a bit cowardly

wow wow wow
“You look in a good mood today”
“Can’t you tell that I’m annoyed?”
I pinched your cheeks

That insensitive attitude, it makes me annoyed
Oh no, today is going to end

Glaring at the sun once again
“Don’t dawn yet!”
I sucked in my breath

The thumping heart hurts a bit
An extraordinary feeling

“I want to tell you” so I started running
This feeling won’t stop, it’s going to explode

Before the sun dawns
I want to tell you somehow

God, please do something
Listen to it. or LiSA ver.


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Q.Why do you level slowly in English unlike in Japan server and Taiwan private server?.
A.Okay, First of all I use cash in Japan server, and "The Private Server" have other songs not only love live, but really extremely hard but gives a lot of exp. So, i just roll love ca/i just scout members in English than restoring my LP and boost to level up fast or to get on the top in events.

Q.Last time time saw you SMFC in CS:GO? What happend?
A.Lets see.. My smurf now is Global Elite. So.. Looks like my main is just to hang out low rank friends. I don't mind my main now. I get serious on my Global smurf

Q. What do you prefer? MOBA or FPS?.
A. My childhood was FPS, Believe it or not, i played CS at an age of 5 years old. And when i reached 7 years old, my elder brother taught me how to play MOBA. So lets say i still prefer FPS than MOBA, but some people like my skills on MOBA than FPS, But they have no idea i give my effort on FPS than MOBA.

Q. What is your League of Legends Rank? ( Servers also if you don't mind. ) PS.Fav champ.
A. Hmmm Lets see
PH: Diamond I (Got demoted) Bad team
Japan: Challenger (Might get decayed)
NA: Challenger(Maybe i will get decayed too.)
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