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I felt pain, when you came. 🖤🖕
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Sweet dreams! :Hearty:
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Beatiffull girl
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They will always try to do what is required, even if it means performing tasks that are not in the job description or if required to do extra work unexpectedly. However, may sometimes complain about the extra load. Follows instructions well, but has a tendency to be too literal, and can be lost unless there are firm guidelines. Or sometimes may not take sufficient care to check the instructions before starting. ✂ Ajvorka ; * completes 90% of assignments on time and to a good standard. Expects promotion to a higher grade at some time in the future, although success at work is not the highest priority to them. Not one to exert themself unduly.

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"Wokół mnie tysiące dziewczyn jest
Ale żadna nie dosięga ci do pięt"
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superka :D
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~~have a nice week :snowflake_ar::Speech_Love: