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Comrade Sokami May 31 @ 4:25am 
Hey you need to be careful of a person in your friendslist named atlas. Here is a snippet of a conversation we had.

Me: Do you believe that genocide should be used as a tool on ethnic or religious grounds in any context?

Atlas: It shouldn't but sometimes, saddly, it is necessary. It is applicable in if genocide has been perpetuated against group A then said group should be free to retaliate against the group B.

I immediately Tagged, unfriended and blocked him when he gave that response
Postal Mar 17 @ 3:54pm 
la raza!
Juno Mar 10 @ 11:32am 
Tu biografía está mal. Se escribe "De repente".
Spartan Mar 3 @ 10:52am 
Today marks a great day. We have formally signed an act of non-aggression between the beautiful canary isle of Tenerife and Scotland the shithole. I am very pleased to announce this
Spartan Feb 18 @ 3:17pm 
its ok moon you have me?
Moon in Resonance Feb 18 @ 2:33pm 
fucking SLUT, you will regret rejecting me.