ok   Manitowoc, Wisconsin, United States
I like brawlhalla, so if you like it too, then feel free to add me. Please comment why you're adding me though, otherwise i guarantee i won't accept a random invite. I'm in gold, but I've mentored people from borderline bronze all the way up to platinum before, so if you want me to mentor you, just shoot me a message, or if you haven't added me yet, comment on my profile about it, send me an invite, and i'll accept.

My mains in brawlhalla are Ragnir, Bödvar, Caspian, and Jiro. I pocket main Lucien, Yumiko, Ada, Teros, Sentinel, and Nix.

I like sandwiches. Ham and salami are the best toppings. Also pro tip; in addition to mayo and mustard, barbecue sauce is an amazing topping to put on any sandwich.

I like music a lot. I'm a composer, and i've been a guitarist for 6 years now (Started when i was 13). I learned piano for a year before quitting when i was 7, although I've been getting back into it recently, and if I were to ever learn a band instrument, it would easily be the trumpet.

My favorite kinds of music are progressive metal and deathcore. I also appreciate jazz and classical a great deal, though I rarely actually listen to them.

My favorite bands are Ne Obliviscaris, Pomegranate Tiger, Rings of Saturn, and Animals as Leaders.

My favorite composers are Johann Sebastian Bach, Antonio Vivaldi, Joseph Haydn, Ludwig van Beethoven, Frédéric Chopin, Robert Schumann, Johannes Brahms, Igor Stravinsky, John Williams, and Aaron Copland.
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Various Things That I Put Here Because I Can
Discord Servers
The Icy Black Hand of Death Club
The dead server for my dead Youtube channel. As my Youtube channel is getting to be not-so-dead recently, i'm hoping this server could also become not-so-dead. If you are also on youtube then there is a special role that gives you access to the self promotion channel. Any kind of art or craft works, so if you have basically any skill or talent at all there's incentive to join.

The Fountain
A server owned by a long time friend of mine. As he describes it, it's a cool and casual chat that's trying to get off the ground. If you join any server on this list, this is the one to join, as it's the most active, the staff are friendly and passionate about the server and what they do, and joining will only make it grow more rapidly.

The Unicycle for Cats:
An RPG that I made and run as a hobby. As of now there are 9 unique characters each with their own archetype. The story follows the 7 year old son of an inventor, who a week from his cat Alfred's birthday, decides to make his cat a unicycle for a birthday present, and he needs to travel the world to acquire all of the finest materials to build with. He goes on a journey with alfred, and all of their animal friends from the backyard to complete their mission, and encounter all kinds of dangers and trials along the way.

Castle Crashers Army
If you came here to add me for cc, just join this instead. There are people in there who still play the game actively.

The Chaotic Innovator
A server owned by a buddy of mine. It's meant for his youtube channel - which you should also check out (same name as the server) - although it's still a good place to just chill and hang out even if you don't watch his videos, although you should, as he discusses and critiques aspects of game design from a unique perspective. It's definitely not just another gaming channel.

My Music
I composed all of the following pieces of music myself. I have more than just these on my youtube channel, but the ones listed here are my favorites in no particular order.
Dragon's Keep -
The Gain From Loss -
Foundations of Time -
Runaway Rogue -
Werewolf's Mountain -
Brothers Til the End -
Icy Caverns -
The Lost Dwarven Mines -
The Etherial Forest -
Curse of the Colossus -
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