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DatAxe May 19 @ 12:10am 
give me the zucc
Agnaktor Feb 20 @ 10:40am 
Hell, I've not even touched any of the big overhaul mods yet, lol. Most of it is somewhat minor changes/vanilla wise or tweaks to things. Just depends on how you play it, what catches your attention, then expanding upon it or having a dedicated group of friends who are working on various projects.
Like Garry's Mod, it really is just a giant sandbox with how much you can customize it, honestly.
Maildog Feb 20 @ 10:29am 
I apploud you, I couldn't squeeze half that before I got bored, even with the big makeover mods.
Agnaktor Feb 20 @ 10:19am 
Using various amount of mods, playing since early access, lost old data then remade new profiles, playing with groups of friends, doing custom "challenges" as well as doing a lot of edits or changes, and other things can add up over time of course to name a few.
I've always perfered it over Terraria partly for the exploration aspect of it; both are good/bad in their own ways when compared, of course.

also I would actually have a lot more hours from when I was testing things outside of steam on another client of it, as well
Maildog Feb 19 @ 9:44am 
How does one spend 1500+ hours in Starbound
Lermolski Jan 21 @ 10:02pm 
Did you play in the group of ppl that was in MHFn00bz? back when we all played MH frontier?