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Adulthood is completely understanding why Britney shaved her head lol
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Aggro = aggressive / Mieze(n) = cat(s) in german. Got it? Good. [now invite only! group]
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X 50 shades of I don't give a damn fuck
:orb: literally: If I text you everyday, feel special motherfucker.
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Soundtrack for the voices in my head

:BronzeOrb: Ain't no feeling

:BronzeOrb: New York City Nights

:BronzeOrb: How little I must know

:BronzeOrb: How this all began

:BronzeOrb: Bullet

:BronzeOrb: Hey Now woooooooow her voice :8bitheart:

:BronzeOrb: Find me This is pure SEX lol

:BronzeOrb: I'm a mess He don't love me he don't love me he don't love me but that's ok, 'cause I love me yeah I love me yeah I love myself anyway LOLOLOLOLLLLLLLLL AHAHAHA dis is so gut XD whoooooopwhooooooop :ily::ily:

Domojaxx 4 hours ago 
PS: You can warm me just with your presence - no need of a fire! :lovebubble:
Domojaxx 4 hours ago 
Everytime I look at one of your pictures I say to myself, how can a girl look both so cool and hot at the same time? I must know your secret! :WR_Sumire:
Swift Brilliance 11 hours ago

You spin me right round, baby
Right round like a record, baby
Right round round round
Masafor Jun 19 @ 1:15pm 
Scharfe Shorts beim Avatarbild. Nun noch Hintern zu uns drehen und das Bild wäre, wahrscheinlich, noch besser :-D
Gilmore Girls Jun 17 @ 9:01pm 
It should always be Autumn. :maple_leaf: And, stop... You'll make me blush! :alexwink:
Angel Jun 17 @ 8:12am 
You too...and keep smiling. I love to come online and see your beautiful smile. Picks you up and kisses the tip of your nose @