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Personal Achievements

An Earldom Awaits You

Finish Training

Long Live the King

Become King

Treachery is a Dangerous Game

Assassinate a Lord with Treachery

Theft is the Better Part of Valor

Capture a Mercenary using an Intrigue Card

Deviousness is Not Bravery

Block a Political Attack with an Allies Card

The Wheel of Fate is Not to Be Trifled With

Be on the winning side of a Battle Outcome

The Power of the Church is Mighty

Decide the Battle Outcome as a result of the Church Decides Card

The Fickle Vikings Cometh

Take control of the Vikings

I Fear Not the Storms of Fate

Hold a Joust


Enter the 2P Leaderboards


Enter the 3P Leaderboards


Enter the 4P Leaderboards

The Monastery

Perform an Abbot Reveal

Harvest Season

Win a game using a deck with 6 Banquets


Win a game using a deck without any Banners

The Flowers by My Palace Are Beautiful This Time of Year

Play a Palace Card from your Hand

The Struggle is Real

Be in a Political Struggle that involved 3 Vassals


Deal 20 damage in one turn

My Holdings Are Vast and Secure

Possess a Fief with 8 Properties

I Welcome Our New Overlords

Possess 10 Viking Influence Cubes

I Will Arise Again

Bequeath 3 times in a single game

Shall We Tilt Again?

Win 3 jousts in a single game

Fewer Fiefs, Fewer Troubles

Win a game without playing any Castles


Win a game using a deck without any Vassals or Allies

For Posterity

Win a game using a deck with 6 Banners and 6 Princes

For Gold, Not Honor

Win a game using a deck with 6 Mercenaries and 6 Castles

Allies, In Fair Weather and Foul

Have 10 Friends

The Birth of a Kingdom

Win 100 games
0 / 100

Raise a Glass to All Who Have Fallen

Destroy 50 Fiefs
0 / 50

The Weak Will Perish

Recruit 80 Armies
0 / 80

I Will Hold Back the Tide

Tower 60 cards
0 / 60