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Hello everybody i'm a fan of gunpoint and i really adore pixel art games so feel free to add me but see the info below this text it's kinda important to know if you can add me or no anyways i'm a programmer of a mod which will be in Binding Of Isaac:Rebirth and working with the DLC Afterbirth and the other DLC afterbirth+ and it will be called Binding Of Isaac:God's Wrath anyways cya!
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Lucius Demake
Listen everybody i made this info to make sure that i dont accept friend requests of people that might like other things i dont like so here is this friend of if you can add me or nope

If you are a five night's at freddies fan:Nu-uh

If you are a minecraft fan:Nope

If you are a overwatch fan:Of course yes!

If you are a undertale fan:Yes i guess...

If you are a fan of markiplier and jacksepticeye and kubz scouts:Yeah sure i guess

If you are a fan of doctor who:of course yeah!

Hope you like this info! :D

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Nasus♀_NAM Apr 24 @ 9:57pm 
hi there , agent . I'm not too good at english , so expect me will typing slowly when chatting XD
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you're too popular now
«Lightfoot» Apr 21 @ 8:17pm 

Have a great weekend!
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have a great day~!