Don't bother attempting to scam, I do all the background checks needed.
Don't ask me to "advertise" your fake gambling website for "free wins" on it, I don't care.

Read below, I guess

Self-described competent TF2 enthusiast.
A main class, you ask?
I'm very versatile I guess, but scout/soldier/sniper/spy/(pyro) really activate my almonds.

If I don't answer your friends request/ trade offer, chances are I'm alseep.

To xail (v.): The act of using someone's body with or without their consent to grow
normal to extreme sexual pleasure in any possible way.
For more information, see Xailmon (n.).

:sunspeed:I want to xail with you.
:sunspeed:I've xailed him so hard, he didn't even know what was going on.

:_Play_: Not a furry nor an overly enthusiastic Japanese animēshon adept, just enjoying using artworks I like as a profile picture :skybornhappy:
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(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ Hackusations, Salt and friendly Appraisal
Too bad, too often do I forget to add the most recent ones I receive.

The pearl of this collection.
*DEAD* Swifty Oneshot Macro : thats starts to be a bit fishy
Swifty Oneshot Macro : you shot him
Swifty Oneshot Macro : kick this retard
Swifty Oneshot Macro : he is 100% cheating
CA_killer : lol
CA_killer : hes 150 level
CA_killer : hes not cheater
CA_killer : hes pro
Swifty Oneshot Macro : psyhologically speaking just by his name type and profile pic he is very likely of cheating regardless
Swifty Oneshot Macro : its in your blood its your very nature
╠☿╣Xailnapple : I mean feel free to check my profile if you wish to verify things, I dunno
Swiftly Oneshot Macro : and the around 3k hour also proves me
Swifty Oneshot Macro : thats the usual number of hours statisticaly where your kind starts to cheat as they reach a 'plateau'

And the happy rest.

- (note: impersonator, and in the PvP area of Slender Fortress)
(TEAM) ShaDowBurn : Xailn just playing with soft
(TEAM) ShaDowBurn : what a loose
(TEAM) French Toast | ╠☿╣Xailnapple : Playing with soft? what?
(TEAM) Froodle : um
(TEAM) ShaDowBurn : ur an idiot
ShaDowBurn : playing in TF
ShaDowBurn : with hax
ShaDowBurn : ahahaha

*DEAD* RedRangerPolska : nice hat :)
*DEAD* ╠✔╣Xailnapple : thx
RedRangerPolska : you are tryhard :)

*DEAD* ≡PolskaCebula≡ : Scout noob

Wuya : hgeramn is raping
Wuya : and xail

P1x'eL : hacker

Remzy : I thought I was a virgin until I met Xailnapple

*DEAD* Toshinou : they even uber the pyros sad
*DEAD* Toshinou : fuck off w+m1 tryhard

Cappe | K.O.N : Xailapple
Cappe | K.O.N : Give me a item

*DEAD* Doctor : fine tryhard spy

╠✔╣Xailnapple killed ╭AGT╯ Ðerek with ambassador. (crit)
*DEAD* ╭AGT╯ Ðerek : wailnappie hack with zspy
╭AGT╯ Ðerek : xailnappie *
╭AGT╯ Geek Powa : Why people hack ? retard for real ?
╭AGT╯ Geek Powa : play without cheat
╭AGT╯ Ðerek : ty hacing
╭AGT╯ Geek Powa : report is ok

*DEAD* Dinka : hacker alert
╠☿╣Xailnapple : Yeah
*DEAD* Dinka : u got aimbot

WispLazyAss09 : Flank soldier with cow mangler,new revolution of tryhards.

╠✘╣Xailnapple : Long but gg
drabadan afganistan : plz shut up pussy
drabadan afganistan left the game (Disconnect by user.)

╠☿╣Xailnapple killed Scorpion Penis :3 with awper_hand. (crit)
*DEAD* Scorpion Penis :3 : can you stop with the toxicity like damn
╠☿╣Xailnapple : waa?

✪ RedScope : xail you're such a fucking pussy with your random crits
✪ RedScope left the game (Disconnect by user.)

*DEAD* Minion[ITA] : from when?
*DEAD* Minion[ITA] : hacks

*DEAD* aurelgamer'z : fuck red cheater
╠☿╣Xailnapple : Yeah
aurelgamer'z : fuck xailnapple
╠☿╣Xailnapple : Yeah
aurelgamer'z : fuck you mother ail
╠☿╣Xailnapple : Yeah
*DEAD* aurelgamer'z : yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
*DEAD* ╠☿╣Xailnapple : Yeah

*DEAD* ☁TTT☁ AxEl : aimbot?
Zombovore (on YouTube) : sure
*DEAD* Zombovore (on YouTube) : xailnapple aimbot

*DEAD* UnDoged : i dont understand this game
*DEAD* UnDoged : nice aimbot
╠☿╣Xailnapple : fucktard
Gizmo : shutup youre just dogshit undoged
*DEAD* UnDoged : no
Gizmo : yes
UnDoged : aimbotter
╠☿╣Xailnapple : fucktarder
UnDoged : you snap turned
UnDoged : aimbottert
╠☿╣Xailnapple : gud
UnDoged : have fun getting vac banned
UnDoged : you know that's english what i'm speaking
UnDoged : you immigrant
UnDoged : back to mexico
Gizmo : you have 14hours and you're from somalia
╠☿╣Xailnapple : hoho
UnDoged : big boy
UnDoged : big boy pats
UnDoged : go say high to your mom for me
UnDoged : <3

*DEAD* xxx_Cr1nGe Hunnt3r_ : black noob

*DEAD* kamus94 : sniper
kamus94 : how about you go play a real class
╠❄╣Xailnapple : hoho

*DEAD* It's a me, Mario❆ : aimboot lover
*DEAD* manuel90 : SHIT
╠✔╣Xailnapple : lol
It's a me, Mario❆ : to much cheaters

╠✔╣Xailnapple killed Lucky with bottle. (crit)
╠✔╣Xailnapple : 'lucky'
*DEAD* Lucky : fk u

GordonDriftMan : you killed me 1 time and tou taunt
*DEAD* MEZON : wtf
*DEAD* MEZON : yes..
ΩGeneral BooΩ : let him be
ΩGeneral BooΩ : he is a fucking retard cock sucker
╠✔╣Xailnapple killed ΩGeneral BooΩ with iron_bomber.
ΩGeneral BooΩ : dude stop
ΩGeneral BooΩ : you are a fucking degenerate
╠✔╣Xailnapple killed ΩGeneral BooΩ with iron_bomber.
╠✔╣Xailnapple : ur the very reason oranges need to be peeled and the peel gets stuck
*DEAD* ΩGeneral BooΩ : haahah nice bind, 14 yr old
╠✔╣Xailnapple : ragequit while you can
(and then I got blocked)

*DEAD* AlphaBrother : Xailnapple noob
AlphaBrother : can blue kick xail ?
╠✔╣Xailnapple : what?

*DEAD* E[+]² : kill that asshole pls


*DEAD* pro_spy : fuckkkk
*DEAD* Rainbow : 300 Iq spy main
*DEAD* Taste : oh come on team

*DEAD* Јохн | John : I hope you get cancer

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