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Playable life sink
Posted June 30.
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Early Access Review
Since there is plenty of constructive reviews available i'll just say this:

I tried to like this game, I tried nearly for a hundred hours. I just couldn't, it's an overhyped piece of trash right now.
I'll wait another 7 years, I guess.
Posted June 17, 2018.
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Game had quality, Gameforge never had any
Have been playing this game since Nightforge patch and no other game could replace it for me so far. Gameplay mechanics are extremely satisfying both in PvP and PvE and the game looks impressive graphics-wise as well.

I'd Give this game a 9/10 without hesitation (one point off mostly because of optimization issues). But why a negative review? Well I rate two things in this review, the game (9/10 = 90%) and the company behind Tera EU servers (0/10 = 0%).
Middle ground leaves me with no choice but to leave a negative review.

I am still being very generous with my rating though, considering that the game has been slowly slipping into death row after the "noob friendly" gender locked classes were being thrown out one after another, useless patches with insanely high growing gear stats (+15 patch included) and at this stage PvP balance control is quite beyond the reach of Bluehole studios. I'd pay good money to play vanilla Tera, with a proper publisher of course :^)

Not going to talk about "Costumes" and "Elins" because this topic triggers majority of Tera players, but I do genuinely suggest looking up images or videos regarding both keywords I mentioned so you know what kind of content you are signing up for, so you don't get disowned by your parents.

So tl;dr Would I recommend playing this game? Hell yeah. But play the NA version, or at least contrast Enmasse(NA Tera) to Gameforge(EU Tera) with a little research. [It's even worth sacrificing your latency to avoid experiencing Greedforge]

I stopped playing Tera half a year ago because majority of my friends whom I play with bailed and never plan to come back. But I do believe the points I mentioned are still quite relevant to current version of the game, after paying it a visit.
Posted February 1, 2017.
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