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"I'm distracting you, ya big turd blossom!" -Star Lord/Chris Pratt
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A long time ago,
actually never,
and also now,
nothing is nowhere.
Makes sense, right?
Like i said, it didn't happen.
Nothing was never anywhere.
That's why it's been everywhere.
It's been so everywhere,
you don't need a where,
you don't even need a when.
That's how every it gets.


GTR after going 5 maps vs. FaZe and winning IEM Oakland 2017
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:tobdog: Game rankings: :tobdog:

:tobdog: CS:GO :tobdog:

Pre-patch: Legendary Eagle
Post-patch: Supreme Master First Class

:tobdog: Osu! :tobdog:

Best ranks:
Osu Mania - #2,405 Global | #131 U.S.
Osu Standard - #582,525 (127pp)

:tobdog: Rocket League :tobdog:

Best ranks (All during Season 14):
1v1 - Gold III (Div IV)
2v2 - Diamond III (Div II)
3v3 (Solo) - Diamond I (Div III)
3v3 (Standard) - Diamond I (Div IV)

:tobdog: Overwatch :tobdog:

Player Level: 268
Mains: Mercy (119 hours), Zenyatta (28 hours), McCree (12 hours), Roadhog (7 hours)
Highest competitive rank: 3501 (Master)

:tobdog: Other accomplishments :tobdog:

I 5-starred Through the Fire and Flames on Expert
I was, at a point, #5 on XBone for most Crimson Star songs on Pro Drums in RB4 []
I got the first ever crimson star of Dream Genie on pro drums.
I would end up getting crimson stars on 570+ songs by the time I stopped playing RB4.

:tobdog: 100%'d games :tobdog:
:tobdog: I give myself bad/unachieveable online achievements, and bad "Play ### games" or similar achievements, because they are bad design and I respect myself too much :tobdog:
A Story About My Uncle
AER: Memories of Old
Black Mesa
Castle Crashers
Cat Quest
Clock Simulator
Defy Gravity
Destiny 2
DiRT Showdown
Eletronic Super Joy: Groove City
Flight Control HD
Half-Life 2
Half-Life 2: Episode One
Half-Life 2: Episode Two
Half-Life: Alyx
Halo: Spartan Assault
Hidden Folks
Hook (lol)
Hot Lava
Iron Grip: Warlord
JumpJet Rex
Just Cause 3
Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes
Marble It Up!
One Finger Death Punch 2
Out There Somewhere
PAC-MAN Championship Edition DX+
Portal 2
Pumped BMX+
Q.U.B.E: Director's Cut
Rocket League
Spyro Reignited Trilogy
Super Puzzle Platformer Deluxe
Superhot: Mind Control Delete
Temple of Xiala
Titanfall 2
Transmissions: Element 120
Worms Crazy Golf
Yoku's Island Express

:tobdog: My game reviews :tobdog:

Defy Gravity (The ugly duckling)
Borderlands 2
Tower Unite
The Beginner's Guide
Sword With Sauce
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Advanst Oct 25 @ 1:19am 
sorry, was just hanging out and doing bounties with friends :(
Whocowman Oct 24 @ 6:43pm 
4 stacks in control. bad
Advanst Oct 4 @ 10:23pm 
i was running random loadouts because i was having fun in pvp R)

also denying special ammo from freaks like u is a great pleasure of mine R)
Squiggy-Chan Oct 4 @ 10:16pm 
not only that you suck at osu
Squiggy-Chan Oct 4 @ 10:15pm 
you have no rights to teabag you run double primary smh
SlickAngel Sep 24 @ 9:25pm 
Great sherpa and nice guy. Was always willing to help