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After playing again with the new patch, finally i get to finish this game , after wasting 13 hours of gameplay because I always crashed when getting near certain area,have to start over again.
well finally I gave this game a thumbs up


This game is literally Baldurs Gate 3 & Icewind Dale , if you like those type of games , BUY IT
SUPERB isometric Turn based RPG with a lot of depth , nice story, good lore ( if you like to read all the books in the game ) lots of quest, moral choices, and relies HEAVILY on planning and tactics ( beware casual gamer ) ,you can die easily in this game on every battle.

Pros :
-Great Graphics for an isometric RPG
-Great Soundtrack
-Nice Story
-Sometimes funny dialogues makes this
-Lots of Quest and each one is different , it means lots of reward & xp and more story, so try to finish them all before going to the next Act
-Destructible & Dynamic Environment can really help you to win a battle, there are a lot of barrels that can help you win the battle ( poison , water, exploding ) , you can also place the barrel around the area before going to battle, some of these really help me to win a hard battle. you can also cast spells to make some status alignment change ,for example, burning status can be cured with a rain spell, burning ship can also be saved using the rain spell. etc.
-There are actually a line of sight in every NPC, so if you try to steal in front of them ,prepare to be captured / going into battle, but if you try to steal behind them , they didn't notice ( have to be in sneaking mode ) , nice feature
-Lots of Secrets to explore, lots of small dungeon so players wont be bored
-Random Loot, I like it because it makes the strategy different for every play *maybe cons for others

-The last act is kinda rushed IMHO
-Breaking Game Bugs ( happened on my fist gameplay, have to restart ,happened only once ,but its annoying)
-Save Game Bugs ( can't load latest save game, rarely happened ,happened once )
-Crash Bugs ( happens rarely ,maybe 2x for about 80 hours gameplay )
-Quest Bugs ( happened once to me )
-Can't advance the story bugs ( haven't encountered, but some user reported it )

for the discussion forum about the bugs in the game you can go here :
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