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8/10 needs more destruction.
Posted May 10, 2016.
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You can play this game in just so many ways, it's just addicting to do so :D

You can choose to kill nobody if you like and you'll get attached to all characters of the game.
Choose a route where you spare some people and kill others and you will get attached to some and feel like others are rivals.
Choose a genocide run and you'll feel like nobody likes you. You'll have a bad time, in a fun and challenging way :P

And of course the game has the puns, the soundtrack, the story, the best characters I've seen in years and the good gameplay. The graphics aren't good, but that is purposely done (obviously, why even still point it out?).

To me, I thought Pokémon Omega Ruby was going to be my favorite game of this year, until I bought this not so long ago. Now this is definately number one. I'm not giving any spoilers, just play the game. You'll finish about one run on one day or one run in 2 days, depending on how much you'll play this game. Every single hour is worth it!
Posted December 25, 2015.
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Yaaaay, a Clicker Heroes review!

Clicker Heroes is a click-to-win kind of game which is really addicting but kinda pointless in later parts. In my eyes, I just wasted a lot of time playing it. I was fun, but I could've done such a lot of stuff in the time I played this.

You basically keep clicking (or install an auto-clicker if you wanna cheat) and you just start killing monsters by doing damage every click. You keep doing that and you have to ascend at some point to get further later. Ascending basically resets the game and gives you some hero souls to basically hire a god to give you a bonus.

The concept is simple, solid, fun and addictive, but I still feel like I wasted time with this game.


+ Much fun
+ Such wow
+ Simple to play
+ Competetive when comparing progress with friends

- Belongs more to a mobile phone
- You could play a more computer-specific game

So yeah, this is basically the first game I won't recommend to you except when it would come to smartphones (if it isn't already).
Posted October 10, 2015.
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Men of War: Assault Squad 2 is a good and solid WWII strategy game. The campaign is solid, clear and fun and so are multiplayer games.

One big thing is that you can actually use mods in Multiplayer mode to spice things up a little. You can make basically sandbox multiplayer games where everyone spawns in huge armies and just starts this huge battle. Perfect for re-enactments too.

Graphics-wise the game is not really standing out, but it's definately not bad either. The interface of the menu's, mostly the main menu look like it was made in 1998, which kinda scares you until you start playing the game itself.

Another big advantage is the large amount of units you can build. The game is often compared to Company of Heroes, but it's gameplay differs mostly in the fact thay in Men of War: Assault Squad 2, you don't need to make any buildings to get progress. Also, you get to your unit capacity much quicker than in Company of Heroes, this can be solved with mods though.

There is one MAJOR drawback (depending on how you see it) though: The Soviet Union. There was one game where I played with my friend (Mreetbaar12) and he was playing as the US army and I had the Soviet Red army. He had a whole army just absolutely slaughtering me. I was getting points by just waiting until I had enough for buying an IS-1...

Well, he had like 8 tanks just killing all my soldiers before. I sent my IS-1 to his army, it barely took any damage and his whole army got absolutely wrecked. I ended up just putting it next to his spawn point and just spawnkilling everything he brought in. Even tank destroyers were useless. He thought I was cheating, but afterwards we both found out that the Soviet tanks are just EXTREMELY OP. This is fun for the one playing the Soviet Union, but can be very frustrating for the other players.

Aside from that, if nobody picks the Soviet Union, other countries are more balanced to eachother. The US army can beat Germans at even chances and so can the British armies.

Short recap:

+ Solid Campaign
+ Lots of different strategies possible
+ Lots of units
+ Descent graphics
+ Mods can be used in Multiplayer
+ Multiplayer works well

- Soviet Union very stronk
- Main menu looks very old
- Unit cap without mods

I can recommend this game to anybody who likes strategy games, but just keep in mind everything I said. I like the game, but it has some nasty disadvantages. Over all, I'd give this game a 8/10.
Posted October 10, 2015.
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What did we get here from the old box of games? IL-2 Sturmovik: 1946 it is!

IL-2 Sturmovik: 1946 is a classic WWII plane simulator with many planes to fly. If you'd ever like a classic dogfight with a friend, this game is good. It is also a good game for stuff like LAN-parties as it can host servers on LAN-only.

This game might be really old, but it is just an absolute gem. It works on new computers (tested on Windows 10 and a gaming PC bought in the beginning of 2015, works perfectly fine in Full HD resolution). The game can literally work on any calculator you own as it is like 10 years old.

Don't let that fool you though, this is quite a good plane simulator. To start up your plane, you need to do a lot of stuff before going into the skies. Physics can be as realistic as you want them to be. Unrealistic physics are the most fun, since can bounce into the sea and still fly, but realism mode changes all that except graphics-wise.


+ Both realistic and unrealistic can be amazing in their own ways
+ Runs basically on any computer that uses Steam
+ Compatible with new screens
+ Hilarious glitches
+ Great choice of WWII planes and even prototypes
+ Great for LAN-parties

- Quite an old game
- Graphics are not the best in the world
- Unrealistic mode glitches are fun, but sometimes not fun for your opponents
- Render problems at some points (just check my oil lake pictures, that is meant to be a river and a lake)

I CAN recommend this game to anyone who likes their plane simulators, but not everybody will like this ancient gem. I'll leave it up to you, as I DO have more positive points than negative ones, but the negative ones are more significant.
Posted October 10, 2015.
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Cheap game, great together withe the Wrath of the Lamp expansion. The extremely big amount of upgrades you can get is just amazing. I just got into playing Rebirth and it is a big improvement. But this game is still great, I like the graphics of this game much more than Rebirth.
Posted July 21, 2012. Last edited November 22, 2014.
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