Oh, hello.
Seems like someone's snooping over my profile page.

Well, every attempt I take at updating it tends to make it outdated the very next time I look.

I guess I should introduce myself...
Well, you've probably read by now that my nickname's Adinias. If not, then either it's Halloween, or I pulled some joke or (most probably) I forgot to change my name back half a year after Halloween happened.

Anyhow, if you wanna do anything, whether that's having a chat or play anything, feel free to hit me up. Can't promise to be available, but it often tends not to be the case.

If you're this far into my bio, I'll probably have to tell something about the games I play.
Well, it varies from strategy to sandbox and racing. Ask me, that never hurts. Just please don't ask me for any Battle Royale game.

One last thing, thanks for reading my entire bio if you're here now. I really appreciate it when people take the effort to read my bio :)
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Thomas <3 20. mar. 2017 kl. 4:51 
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Thomas <3 19. mar. 2017 kl. 3:42 
You have been visited by the Microsoft Pastafari, this is the part where i would kinldy ask you to join the master race but you'd say no so i am hereby ingorning your opinion and shall install windows on all your devices <3


BeardJan 21. juli 2012 kl. 13:33 
halfe man uit streep 2
BeardJan 4. aug. 2011 kl. 23:07 
Yoriyari 25. maj 2011 kl. 7:50 
I welcome you to the Steam Community! :P