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About the YajanNetwork & YajanStudios
The YajanNetwork is a steam and social media based Network which uses its reach to promote/advertise upcoming companies/communities and bring awareness and news to the community. If you are an Upcoming company and looking for a head start please contact us.

YajanStudios is a branch off from YajanNetwork and is still being developed, But the general Idea of YajanStudios is Reviewing Games and Software, Music Production, Article writing, Game/App developing, Game/App Publishing and more. We are looking for Developers on steam and off steam to build and sell there product under our Studio constantly so if you are an upcoming Developer for a steam game or App developer looking for success please contact us as our stats say we have over 1.2 million and counting users on steam that we can reach out to and get your sales up etc.

We’re happy to work with developers, publishers, and gaming companies. We have a number of free partnership opportunities available.

YajanNetwork and YajanStudios allow developers and publishers to connect with their audience in an interactive way. It provides an engaging, risk-free way to expand your audience with external community outreach. We have worked with brands in many ways including giveaways and advertising. We are also open to cross-promotion and other opportunities without any cost. Get in touch today to discuss.

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