King Harkinian
Terry A. Davis   Kefar Shemaryahu, Tel Aviv, Israel
Anime is a clear and blatant crutch for pedophiles!!! The degenerate and grotesque nature to Constantly and Consistently turn very young and innocent prepubescent children into a sexual fetish is an abomination not to society but to God. Psychologists have studied what makes these sick freaks watch this trash, turns out, it's the same reason they go hurt kids. They get sexual gratification from thinking about using them sexually.
~~~~~~Here's a great article talking about it.~~~~~~

"Don't be afraid Kevin, enjoy this moment, it's so much more vibrant than the darkness that awaits you. Existence is behind you now Kevin, enjoy the silence."
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kophphee kream 15 hours ago 
IT'S THE CAPTAIN Aug 2 @ 3:50pm 
just be a better D U D E
IT'S THE CAPTAIN Aug 1 @ 9:05pm 
just a lame
Yellowfinger Heysel Aug 1 @ 5:50pm 
i can recommend some good places for online therapy if you want man, you seem to have a lot more issues than i was aware of
Ranger Aug 1 @ 5:04pm 
-rep imagine being into mccarthyism ♥♥♥♥ing cringe ♥♥♥ ♥♥♥♥♥♥