Adam Jonathan Weil   Chicago, Illinois, United States
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Groups Wit Gaming LAN 2015
1st WCL 2.2 2016 (cmx, kuba, Watameloan, Jaden-, AdamJW)
3rd MWL 2017 (cmx, r0bless, Watameloan, stav1s, AdamJW)
Groups Mad3 2017 (Jaden-, r0bless, Watameloan, stav1s, AdamJW)
1st NSG BYOC 2018 (Jaden-, r0bless, -bunny, stav1s, AdamJW)
2nd G4G 2018 (ohai, Bmad, JMac, Floppy, AdamJW)
5th GEXCON COUGAR Open (ohai, kyle1, KatsUP, Jaden-, AdamJW)

1st Every Ignite Gaming Nvidia Bootcamp 2015-2016
Groups Madcity Bootcamp 3 2015
1st Madcity Bootcamp 4 2016 (AU^, Permit, Watameloan, KamD, AdamJW)
1st Madcity Bootcamp 5 2016 (retrQ, miluno, Watameloan, phx-, AdamJW)
Groups Madcity Bootcamp 6 2017
1st Madcity Bootcamp 7 2017 (WIZZY, Tundra, ty1er-, zfancyman, AdamJW)
1st Madcity Chicago's Best S1 2018 (WIZZY, diehardz, TheNomad, KlutcH, AdamJW)
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I know what you did last summer.
SNF Feb 12 @ 9:42pm 
sucks to have played this for years, done lans, etc and still be dogsh!t at the game doesn't it adam lmao Jan 31 @ 8:02pm 
add me qt
Damon [hiatus] Jan 26 @ 2:17pm 
add me
AdamJW Jan 23 @ 7:08pm 
keep commenting on my profile

you're a freak and you know it because you deleted your own ♥♥♥♥ing twitter LMFAO
Can't believe a bunch of high elo nerds would get triggered over a comment I made towards a pro, the fact ur still dragging it is sad. You and your fanboys brought in personal♥♥♥♥♥♥and that's just way to far over a comment I made to someone completely irrelevant to every single one of you.