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11 feb 2018, ore 10:02
Nella discussione I wonder
This is actually good for Tetris, like the bad fruit that makes good fruit beside it look better.
I'm not 100% sure what this is supposed to be. I loved the physics from way back in Cortex Command. But that was the only thing that I loved about it. The game itself just felt clumsy and hard to control or manage.

So what is this exactly?

Maybe the store page should clarify a little better... But I'll go check youtube videos... I really have no idea. Looks like old men tripping over themselves, which I'd not pay $15 for lol
10 feb 2018, ore 9:09
Nella discussione Reflex working back from popularity failure
Right now, the game is huge failure in terms of player popularity. Speaking from a subjective standpoint; using both my own opinions and those of people I have spoken to I will try and enlighten as to various potential KEY issues that may have hindered the popularity of this game and caused it to be the wasteland that it (currently) is.

Lets also start off by saying that the game engine is great and certainly deserves credit for technical merit.

The game consists of a very limited and an old had selection of game modes:

Free for All
Team Deathmatch

(Not a single ounce of effort went into choosing these modes, they were supposedly "safe" choices, but in reality are just "common" and nothing more.)

These game modes can be "mutated" with:

Low Gravity
Unlimited ammo
Big Head
Melee only

Arena FPS games have been around for a long time and so have all of these modes and mutators. This is a pitifully small selection too. Nothing new has been added and Mutators have been around in various forms for a long time; either in the form of direct game modifications or the actual "Mutator" settings from Unreal Tournament.

Now we look at these options and ponder why there is such an extremely limiting selection. The reason that comes to mind is that they developers were so busy trying to please a very small group of loud mouthed duelers on the Discord. But that's just my educated guess. If something didn't please them they would yell and scream and carry on. "CANCER" "AIDS" etc... (And yes, we all know this happened, just read my Steam game review comments for some indication)

None of the game modes are new or exciting. None of these mutators are either! The creativity and thought that went into the options that we are able to choose from is virtually nil.

The game leaves only a play ground for the serious and elitist players that have absolutely ZERO concern for any other aspect of the game. This includes the expansion of the playerbase as a whole. They do NOT care for the prosperity of REFLEX ARENA and their instant condemnation of ANYTHING unrelated to making 1v1 duel combat more and more "elite" clearly shows their blatant lack of concern for any aspect other than their own. There is very little for anyone else who is looking to have some fun.

Various players have commented to me that it's demoralizing to play a game and get smashed constantly by experienced players who will almost always be in control of the game power items. These players are often the only ones they will experience combat with. Myself, I have decent aim, but I lack the focus, drive or interest to be dueling seriously or endlessly. I just want to mess around with my friends playing random game modes.

I can't for the life of me get anyone to come and play. Their complaints were passed on to the developers and discussed in the Discord. Ignored.

New player experience in general could be somewhere along these lines:
Downloads game looking for a fun battle!
Runs game and waits for match making to find game.
Waits a long time.
Finally gets match.
Gets obliterated.
Gets demoralized.
Doesn't come back.

With an almost exclusive focus on 1v1, Reflex Arena has potentially destroyed its own success.

When I suggested in Discord chat some time back that the game needs to take emphasis of the game away from an entire focus on 1v1 duel combat the uproar and meme's were so horrendously overwhelming with insults thrown at me about the games I like and to not "dilute" their game, arms flailing around wildly with nasty flaming yelps of words like "Cancer" and "AIDS".... The place turned into a massive insult factory and I got told by various moderators that saying people have their "blinkers on" was insulting and I can't do that... (Really? It's okay for people to yell Cancer and AIDS at me, but I can't say "blinkers on") It's no wonder the game is at the point it is with that sort of community culture.

Well lets move on beyond that horrific lack of logic and head directly to the point that I was trying to make.

My point I was trying to make was NEVER to dilute or change the 1v1 duel experience... In fact, I clearly stated that I wasn't interested in changing a single facet of the 1v1 duel experience at all.... Entirely leave the 1v1 Ruleset and Physics as a single and lone entity. I mean, other players who didn't duel probably didn't care what happened in 1v1 duel rulesets. But for some reason, they cared immensly about other players wanting something different... I thought that was the idea behind rulesets, was so we can experience the game differently. There is Quake Live VQL and PQL. Both react almost entirely different, yet people interchange between the two on a daily or sometimes hourly basis. It never watered the game down. People changed modes because they got bored of the other ones and for no other reason.

I wanted REFLEX to have features that were expressed suggestions by players who were on the fence about playing the game.


Turbo mode:
Instaswitch weapons, maybe faster rocket projectiles

Auto-Hop: Optional/Votable (Program the mechanics to work around Step Jumping with an ignore step jump function or velocity inhibitor over-ride and manual input requirement to activate step jump)

(... And let me CLEARLY remind people before insulting me, that this above REQUEST isn't from me specifically. I cope just fine without it, but other players have suggested they want it. This request has been ignored for NO good reason.. It's so simple to put into the game and just don't put it in the DUEL (or "PURE" ruleset if you really need to feel like it means something...) Yet this still wasn't good enough for the "Elitists" ... How ABSOLUTELY absurd.)

Weapon Selection Mutator:
To allow non map based weapon choice

Physics Objects:
Objects with basic programming to make fun sports modes. (I remember having games of tennis with one of the developers using a spawned bot as the ball and it was hilarious)

I could list certain things all day which wouldn't be hard to implement and would ramp up the game viability, quality and FUN... SUBSTANTIALLY!!!

Here's a few ideas I just made up on the spot (Maybe they exist in some form, but it doesn't matter)

New team based game modes:

Team Pinata/Money Ball Mode:
2 Teams brawl it out in an arena. A giant Pinata/Money Ball hangs overhead. Teams pummel into it with everything they have. Points are given when it takes damage and drops extra points for players within close proximity to collect. Build this game mode around ridiculous and fun arenas where everyone is forced to brawl in team based combat. Do you kill the enemy or do you smash as many points out of the ball as possible before your life inevitably expires? Everyone gets a chance to do something. New players can pummel into the ball and hope to get some random kills in the meantime and more experienced players can hold some serious area control. Everyone gets to have some fun!

King of the Hill - Turret Rush Mode:
2 teams start off on opposing sides of the map (Not far from the center) and must rush to the center of the map where there is a capture point. Teams must fight to hold this point. The holding team will be awarded a Turret spawner nearby for the duration of the game. The opposing team may destroy the turret, but this turret will spawn again for the owning team 1 minute after its destruction. There are various turrets that may be captured one after the other in contention of the capture point. Once all turrets have been captured any subsequent time that a team holds this location will drop their teams counter from 100 to 0. The first team to hold the point long enough to drop their counter will be the winner. This would put a great spin on the KOTH gameplay and allow us to be really creative with our map designs! Potentially making Arena's which have never existed before.

So to take a look at my other experiences and how they relate to my disappointment with REFLEX ARENA:

My friend took me to nQuake for Quake1 and we played some ridiculous and fun modes, there was a midair mode and a mini arena which was an absolute blast. He seemed to be able to modify the rules through commands and we played the game however we wanted.

It was absolutely awesome. It's just a shame that it's so old... But now we have Reflex Arena... And there is absolutely nothing to do?!! How can this be so disappointingly empty? There are so many things that are left out. There is a map editor and a fantastically solid endine with net code, but it's all being wasted on funnelling EVERYTHING into such a limiting aspect. 1v1 never needed to be neglected or changed in order for everyone else who might enjoy the game to have something that WE wanted.

Seriously, 1v1 never EVER needed to be touched in order for there to be some awesomely fun things for everyone else to do. When I suggested new game modes and rulesets for people who didn't like how rigid and slow the game pace felt, I was told that my ideas would dilute the player base and turn the game into WHATEVER they said (I can't remember, but it's not important).... I'll say it again for the people who tried to make such a ridiculous point:

--- You CANT diliute something that doesn't exist !! --- PLEASE use some LOGIC.

I spent one HELL of a lot of time trying to get my Quake friends involved in REFLEX and in the end I gave up doing so... It was horribly demoralizing when every idea you have is shunned as literally being "Cancerous" and "AIDS" and have your skill level criticized because you like something different than they do.

When I made these suggestions, I didn't expect to be insulted as a noob. I'm certainly not a bad player and I do pretty damn well in Quake for someone who's not serious.

I just wanted another way to enjoy a game that just needed that little something more and different for me and my friends to do.

Now I'm just left alone, randomly mapping here and there out of creativity and hope that someone might be interested in doing the same with me.

But in reality, there's just nothing for them to do if they did join me... All the insults and hurt that were thrown my way for even suggesting that the game needs something else, something MORE for the player base to potentially thrive... Those insults were there just to hurt me.. Why? I was trying to give my input for a game which I spent countless hours messing around in. This game wasn't just for all you hardcore duelists who think it's okay to shun everybody elses ideas. This game was meant for a community to enjoy. I don't know what the hell happened through the development phase or why the utter crap storm that was Discord was allowed to thrive.

But for _ _ _ sake! Wake up and make this game what it could potentially be!

Not this dull, drab and empty shell of a game where the only thing to do is wander the wastelands.

What is wrong with making new game modes and adding some fun stuff and physics for us to mess around with?? All that is really left is a few tiny pockets of randoms and racers.... :/

We are promoted to be creative with the use of a multiplayer map editor?? How many mappers are going to be pure duelists? How many creative people do we really think just want to duel? Come on, seriously guys... Pull this project from the brink of extinction. Fix the crappy discord culture of insults of Cancer and endless meme's.

You guys can do better than this.

Right now we only have a few modes and mutators. There is a cool asset such as the turret which remains practically unused. It's something simple like said turret which hints at there being some really awesome potential fun in the game if only these assets were taken advantage of.

There's a super awesome map editor... We could make game modes and maps and share them all. Right now we're building things with duct tape or just leaving them hanging as a wish.

I even see a few people making cool looking arenas and portraying their disappointment that their idea will never take hold due to how poorly lacking the customisation in the game modes really is.

Really though... Why give people this multiplayer creative tool when you give us nothing to do with our creations. There's no way in hell we're getting any new players by stagnating the game upon the current concept. There's no reason why the game can't progress beyond 1v1 Duels while leaving it intact.

Make the rest of the game more fully fledged, customisable and fun! Give us the good stuff....

And the Duelers could have their own Design council. Much like it is right now, except this time... Don't let it dictact the pace of the game for everyone else who wants to enjoy REFLEX our way! Because basing the game around such a tiny audience is practically the reason this game never really took off in the first place.

People were interested, people bought the game... But no one plays it because none of us got what we expected.. And that was a place to have some aFPS fun... Not to prove how big our egos are in 1v1 combat.

This game can be salvaged... Take some risks and stop fluffing around with duel and letting it mess the game up for EVERYBODY else!

I'd honestly just DROP the die hard Duelist TOXIC players who spam meme's and yell "CANCER" and "AIDS" that are literally crapping in their own back yard... Because how dare anyone ruin "Their" game.... This game started off with what I thought were HEADSTRONG and PROUD Aussie developers with integrity! But all I ended up seeing was a Discord channel full of stupidity, toxicity, meme's, insults and appeasing to the louder, lesser crowd. They don't care about REFLEX, they only cared bout themselves and THEIR experience and NOW we have almost no one left at all....

REFLEX ARENA does NOT fully represent the developers capabilities. This product, this GAME can be MUCH more than just an EPIC FLOP on the steam charts if only you'd disconnect from your TOXIC Discord Chat and poke your head out to where the real people are.. The ones that care about REFLEX ARENA, the players and GAMING overall.
8 feb 2018, ore 11:25
Nella discussione SSX on Tour is how to do tricks and fun right!
Man I'm really bored of this conversation. If you want to see, google it yourself. I think it looks average. Fugly was a bad call... It's not bad, it's just not great. The technological potential is available for far better graphics. It has been hindered or limited by factors that are not hardware related.... At least not PC hardware anyway.

I think the 71% is about fitting... Lines up fairly close with steam player reviews.

I don't like the look of the game as I think it's not going to provide nearly enough hours worth of gameplay.

There are better ways to make a game have higher longevity and fun rather than building a decent looking Matterhorn.

Don't get me started again please. I'm really over this conversation, you know I just thought I'd like to see some SSX tricking and some creativity... Not a geographical re creation... It's just not interesting.

If I wanted to see the Matterhorn, I'd go see the Matterhorn.

When I play games, if I get a simulation... I want it to feel real.

If I want to play a game, I want it to feel creative and unique.

I'm just not seeing it... The mechanics seem very average and the graphics are "good". I just don't see anything that points this game out as being a great title and it certainly doesn't deserve anything over 75/100 in my opinion, and that's being generous.

If it was a smaller indie company that did the game and didn't shove UPLAY up your♥♥♥♥♥then I would be more forgiving, but it's not a smaller indie company, it's UBISOFT and they could have done a lot better.

I'm just not buyin' it man.

There has to be better games in the pipeline that are worth paying money for... If I am going to buy a Snow game it needs to have some crazy fun things to do, not just a kinda average looking location, some check points and a basic trickset that looks as blandly rewarding as someone on a practice run.

(Even the pictures in real life of the Matterhorn don't look awe inspiring, it just looks desolate and flat... A mountain which looks desolate and flat :/ )

If I was going to direct a game like this through development I would have had a custom location designed and a "simulation" mode and an "arcade" mode. One for some serious tricking and fun, one for the people who want a simulation.

Everyone can get what they want and they don't have to waste a huge potential of customers by making a simulator that doesn't properly cater to even the target audience. But this is just my opinion. They can do better and they didn't... For whatever reason.

If you like it then great! But you're not going to convince me that this game is great... And good is not good enough because there's thousands and thousands of other games to play... Especially for someone who's not a snowboarding fanatic but LOVES snowboarding games. I'd rather play something else that has some actual creativity and uniqueness gone into it.

Please lets move on from this opinion war.

8 feb 2018, ore 5:52
Nella discussione SSX on Tour is how to do tricks and fun right!
@wolfe - I remember 1080 on N64 :P - The designs of the slopes etc were still more interesting than that of STEEP though and no realistic locations were used. However, I do understand what you're saying and really; SSX style would not fit the overall level design of this game. I guess my point is that if realism wasn't fully or even close to being achieved then it makes me wish that the effort went in another direction.

It is a shame that people seemingly are wowed by large locations and technical "feats" (which really they didn't hit the mark with and drew themselves back from through development) rather than pure creativity.

But I can imagine enjoying something more serious and technical in terms of controlling in some beautifully imagineered and crafted ice caves and slopes that seem otherworldly... This is a real life location... So I thought the graphics should have been spot on to accommodate for the realism.

I don't see the point in going half arsed and taking development back from initial screenshots/teasers.... :/

1080 Snowboarding was definitely more realistic and chill than SSX and its controls were fitting. Rewarding control over other aspects... I'd still like to see that too... I think the open ended levels in STEEP were a bit of a waste to design if they couldn't make it look better... and btw, they could have done so... They just didn't.

And I'm disappointed.
7 feb 2018, ore 19:08
Nella discussione SSX on Tour is how to do tricks and fun right!
Messaggio originale di redacted:
Messaggio originale di Poo:
They can do better and everybody with half a brain should know it.


you can say that about anything and its liable to be true

the point is this is what we have.

you can lead a horse to water

and you can shoot it

umm yeah.

anywhoo fugly is a bit harsh. i mean the trees could use some work, but what games trees 'don't' need some work?

no its not 'perfect' but its definitely not fugly.

i guess i'm just glad you're not the judge in my felony case. you seem.....

biased. and not at all impartial.

Just look at it in context with the capabilities and wealth of the developers.

They didn't have to paint glorious coloured schemes as far as the eye could see, they ony needed to use rock and white everywhere... Yet the white seems to jaggedly blend into awful greys in the distance in a blur of ugly looking textures.

Asset pop in is ugly and detracts from the graphics.

Not only that, but who said you can't have realism and arcade modes so it can cater to a larger audience?

I think it's pretty fail that the game went for realism and missed the mark.

When big companies get lazy and want more profits, they cut corners... Not really a labour of love IMO... But who am I to say...? BETA screenshots looked far better... And now it looks MUCH much worse... Something has to give.
7 feb 2018, ore 18:04
Nella discussione SSX on Tour is how to do tricks and fun right!
Messaggio originale di TheJoker:

Anyway, we don't have to agree. Sorry if I got a little heated, i'm not in the best mood today.
Stupid to argue over a video game, have a great day :)

You too.

I just have my opinion... I think that they can do better is all and it's disappointing because it promised to be better and then they failed to deliver even close to the BETA phase graphics.

Go have a look and see... They made compromises and the gameplay is not as good as it could have been. I don't need to play it to see it... I've looked at videos constantly... It's clear as day that the game was dumbed down due to whatever hindered their progress. I'm guessing deadlines or money.

Maybe the interest wasn't as high as it could have been so they cut back funding.

Better games will be on the horizon with better value... It's a case of when, I believe.

Take care :)
7 feb 2018, ore 18:00
Nella discussione SSX on Tour is how to do tricks and fun right!
Messaggio originale di redacted:
Messaggio originale di Poo:
I know it's gonna be average, looking at the horrible graphics... They're only horrible because they're trying to be realistic... For which they fail.

More interested in something more imaginative... Realism is boring if it's not spot on... IMO.

lol the graphics are bad

i think your eyes are bad

upgrade your potato my friend

it looks way better when its not on all low settings (of course)


Read the conversation then review your comments. My rig can easily run this at ULTRA.
7 feb 2018, ore 17:59
Nella discussione SSX on Tour is how to do tricks and fun right!
Messaggio originale di TheJoker:
Messaggio originale di Poo:
I know it's gonna be average, looking at the horrible graphics... They're only horrible because they're trying to be realistic... For which they fail.

More interested in something more imaginative... Realism is boring if it's not spot on... IMO.

Are you from the future where games have achieved photorealism?
And how do you know if a game is going to be average by looking at the graphics? That's impressive.

If you believe that this is a pretty game, then good on you. I don't think it is. And photorealism verses STEEP. There's a clear indication that it's miles off... They could have at least TRIED to make it look better. It's not horrible, but in the context of what could have been and what was originally teased as progress shots in BETA; This game is fugly. Horrific pop in and extreme repetition of assets, geometrical artifacts that are reminiscent of much older games and texture blurring when zoomed out. The game is obviously full of a LOT of compromises which definitely show. A well designed and beautiful game would get much higher reviews than STEEP has received.

UBISOFT can do better, if they pulled their fingers out of wasting customers time by shoving buggy DRM down everyones throats. Bug causing, time wasting and money losing stupidity which is bad for everyone. Yet they're too thick or greedy to understand.

They can do better and everybody with half a brain should know it.
7 feb 2018, ore 17:39
Nella discussione SSX on Tour is how to do tricks and fun right!
I know it's gonna be average, looking at the horrible graphics... They're only horrible because they're trying to be realistic... For which they fail.

More interested in something more imaginative... Realism is boring if it's not spot on... IMO.
7 feb 2018, ore 16:32
Nella discussione SSX on Tour is how to do tricks and fun right!
Don't read it then. If I have a point to make, I'll make it to not be mistaken. If you don't want to read it then just don't.
7 feb 2018, ore 16:29
Nella discussione SSX on Tour is how to do tricks and fun right!
The trees lack variation in their look of health and growth... Certainly looking prefabricated entirely to save on CPU and production costs. They fade in obviously from non existent, to flat sprites, to undetailed trees. A limitation more likely placed in by console processing power over the capabilities of PC. If this was PC only it would look more beautiful. But it's full of tricks that are likely imposed by production costs and console limitations. That much seems extremely obvious.

The textures blur very obviously when zoomed out from afar and even up close they're not very good. Lighting techniques does little to cover this up fact. Having nothing better doesn't mean that it in itself is great. My opinion is that it may be beautiful to you, and perhaps the best looking (With little to compare it with). But it's certainly not fantastic or even GREAT... It's just decent looking. I know what PCs are capable of, and it's a significant amount more than what STEEP delivers.

The asset swapping via proximity is a horrible immersion killer and is almost certainly a console based imposition.

It just looks fake, everywhere you go... Fake... The original screenshots of the game in development phase were much better... But they kept taking steps back to likely accommodate for low end PCs, consoles and perhaps some development costs and deadlines.

I really need no explanation of CRT screens, resolutions etc... I stated something to you and you stated it back to me about something unrelated to what I mentioned. CRT screens looked better with lower resolutions due to the way the technology displayed pixels and how they could essentially smooth out lower resolution images. Watching a 640x480 broadcast on a CRT vs an LCD screen will show clearly how poorly a non native resolution will display on LCD. So as resolutions go up in LCD screens, the CPU/GPU processing power required to come even close to emulating something as smooth as what CRT screens are capable of grows exponentially.

Using CRT screens these days is just not viable and we really can't justify the power consumption and (potential) health risks that come from having beams of (potential) radiation directed toward the vicinity in which our eyeballs and brain are stationed. And lets not start on the discussion of ion balance disruptions.

So getting back to the point. Limitations were imposed on this game, of which I cannot say specifically why... But they are limitations that have caused the game to become much less pretty through the development phase.

The game is far from being realistic in graphics and doesn't show THAT much of an improvement when we look at potential capabilities of our GPUs and CPUs. The game could have looked and been a lot better for something that was designed to be "realistic" and I believe they have failed on delivering this. In my opinion... It's "Good" overall, but nothing spectacular enough to justify the exhorbitant price for such a seemingly mediocre title.

Scrolling through review after review after review of low hours of play shows that which is extremely obvious; the replay value of the game seems low for most people. The graphics aren't good enough to ogle at endlessly so the value of beauty is fairly low and doesn't provide enough to be a singular feature to indulge in. I've seen better looking Trees and textures in racing simulators.

The game honestly just looks boring and unexciting to me and I'd like to see something more interesting.

As for E3 Critics Best sports game award. I'm not sure who on earth gave that award, but it's certainly not from the majority of gamers. The reviews made clear light of that.

The game originally promised to look a lot better though I wouldn't expect much more from a company like UBISOFT who wants to jab you with a horrible forced use of the crappy system called UPLAY. Ridiculous DRM that is the bane of gaming. Civilization titles in the past have proved that you don't need it. If UBISOFT focused on making games better rather than rigging them with such ridiculous impositions then their games could be of a much higher quality; in both stability and quality.

Also, look at the value of other $10 titles and the time people spend on them. Better value for hours to dollars and more profit for the developers due to minimising their deadweight losses. If UBISOFT were not so greedy their games wouldn't keep getting worse. I would have purchased at $10 and taken the risk to enjoy what I believe to be a mediocre game... But as the title gets older and uglier in comparison to newer and better value titles then this sort of product just fades into the distance.

UBISOFT will doubtedly learn from their mistakes with this title and only drew in the sort of decent sales that it did due to their overall fame and ability to potentially "awe" with thier marketing. But the game seemingly did not deliver...

I've lost interest in this subject anyway. The game to me is fugly, the mechanics seem boring and the reviews overall clearly reflect that.
7 feb 2018, ore 13:52
Nella discussione SSX on Tour is how to do tricks and fun right!
Well I can suggest anything to be like whatever I want :P. I miss games like SSX and the creativity that goes into making something fantastical and unique.

I guess the reviews reflect not only the lack of customisation but the graphics too. Sure, they may be good and are somewhat of a "technical feat" if you go by opinions. But in reality, they're not that good and you can easily see the computational tricks used to create such vastness with a decent frame rate.

Personally, I think that realistic games like this have to be pulled off "perfectly" and that means to me to be, not good, but impeccable. Something that strikes awe and wonder... The STEEP engine just does not do that. Decent visuals isn't going to cut it... I honestly think the graphics look pretty bad. I think the PS2 SSX on tour appeal to me much more... And that's pretty bad that I can make a comparison like this so many years later.

So this game just isn't going to appeal to some people who really want full realism, and to people who want something more over the top and imaginative.

Either hit the mark 100% or don't bother is my opinion... Simulations need to be REAL. Not almost there, because we can tell the difference too easily. Especially when people are running on 1080p and beyond. It makes games like this just look ugly. Old CRT monitors could smooth graphics out better... But LCD screens just show every flaw.

I've watched enough videos to see that the graphics look really quite dull. Unless you're going to thoroughly enjoy the challenges specifically and think the graphics are realistic then the game is going to probably have very limited value.

I'm disappointed that there is an open ended snow boarding game, but it looks almost like the next step from "Olympic games". I'd prefer to see them pull it off perfectly with the realism, or just put the effort into something more imaginative. Maybe use the technology to create something more awe inspiring than this.

That's just how I feel... I don't see this product as interesting or beautiful enough to warrant a purchase for someone who's not a snow fanatic. And even if I was, I'd want something better and prettier than this.

For someone like me who just wants to experience a thrill, I don't think this game could pull it off for me.... I can only imagine how bad it would be for someone who is an avid snow board or what not...

Maybe 10 years down the track which more computational power, less visual tricks and some more customisation.... Maybe then we would see something worth playing... I can't see this game as worth more than $10 to me... Not even close, looks boring and ugly as hell. :/
7 feb 2018, ore 11:39
Nella discussione SSX on Tour is how to do tricks and fun right!
Messaggio originale di TheJoker:
SSX Tour is fun, but SSX Tricky and 3 had better trick system. The slowmotion Uber tricks in On Tour was a bit lame compared to the previous games. I liked it more when each character had .. "character", and their own signature moves, instead of like in On Tour where you made your own character and tricks, but it was also fun to try that out in On Tour though, just prefered previous titles.
SSX on Tour wasn't "open" though, it was a very linear game, SSX 3 is the only SSX game that had a kinda "open world" where you could free roam a mountain. Steep IS open though.
But why are you comparing this to SSX? They are completetly different kind of games. If you want SSX, go play SSX.
I don't see why this game should copy SSX trick system, Steep is its own kinda of game.
And Steep is a really great game imo. Seems like you haven't even played it, but are making a judgement just of some reviews you saw. Learn to form your own opinion -.-

I saw some videos and read some reviews and suggested a tricking system of something I remember enjoying.

I'm pretty sure that's valid and forming my own opinion. I'm not going to spend my time and money on buying/downloading/testing a game that logic and prior experience denotes clearly that it's going to be a waste of time.

I appreciate that you think it's a fun game, but it looks really uninteresting in terms of physics and tricking from what I have seen.

I remember what I liked and suggested it... Doesn't warrant the comment "Learn to form your own opinion -.-" especially with the negative and drab tone you laid it down in.

But thanks!
7 feb 2018, ore 9:58
Nella discussione SSX on Tour is how to do tricks and fun right!
I'm not trying to sell SSX in any form... I'm trying to get the devs to take a good idea with the trick and movement system. :P
7 feb 2018, ore 9:16
Nella discussione SSX on Tour is how to do tricks and fun right!
Hi guys,

Disappointing to see the reviews... I think the devs need to take a look at this old gem I remember from my youth..

SSX on Tour

I dunno whos video this is, but it showcases the game well enough..

Successful tricks gave speed boosts and the game was insanely fun and open!

Okay, that's about all I got :D

Enjoy and Byeeeee....!!
7 feb 2018, ore 2:16
Nella discussione Please add option to Show Enemy Names?
Give us an option to Decal our chests and backs at least.... Please don't put ding dong pics.... or do.... *raises eye brows*
Hey guys,

I been kinda alone in my map editor for a while now and I can actually make decent maps its just that I get bored because I have no one to map or even play with. Some guys are too "hardcore duel" and I can't seem to find anyone who would spend a lot of time mappin and chillin out...

Gets a little lonely so it gets boring... Any Aussies wanna hang out and map? :O

I made this one and I got some others... But I wanna make and test with someone, i dont wanna do it all alone anymore its boring :(
5 feb 2018, ore 8:26
Nella discussione Current update does what?
What the game needs is custom texture support built into the map compilation and to work on compiling popular textures into the game file itself.

I don't mind the soft blurry look though... My map looks sweet with no textures i think

5 feb 2018, ore 8:23
Nella discussione what's the community like in Australia?
Hi guys, I'm from Queensland... I play reflex, not too seriously tho.. more of a mapper... I'm lookin for someone who wants to actually map some maps and play too... PM me if you're interested... I can teach u to map but i'm really lookin for someone creative to map crazy maps with.

I made this: and I got a few other small projectiles...
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