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14 Ιουν στις 5:24
Στο θέμα Not heavy blade
Interestingly oversized lol
Top part looks good, bottom looks too curved in which makes it look clumsy and dorky.

Top part cool, bottom part uncool.
2 Μαϊ στις 19:20
Στο θέμα Can't jump forward to platform from ceiling of First area.
haha, interesting... Well I lost interest in this game also so... Thanks for the random tip of how a broken game lets you through with a visual setting.

I remember I played through further at one point than this jump.

Then playing again another time after reinstalling windows etc... I just couldn't get through. First time was easy, next time it just failed and failed. Definite bug. Fixed with Vsync? .. Random! lol

Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't... Over and over again... I'd say it's like a lottery jump tbh.
3 Απρ στις 8:26
Στο θέμα COOP
I'll buy this if/once there is co-op. I just don't really buy single player games, I never end up playing them... 500+ games or something and I've only played a small amount. :P

I think this game would sell a lot more copies if there was co op mode.

Probably worth the investment if this game is already selling well... Seems it's not doing too badly for a single player indie title.
Hi Devs,

So there were 2 instances of issues.. About 15 minutes ago the editor crashed while moving a small triangular prism. I restarted the game and my config was wiped of my mapping only binds. This was sent in as an error report at around 1:00am on the 31st of March; it should show what happened.

Also, earlier today I was mapping, saved the map file, quit the game then shut down my PC. I came back to my computer a bit later to do some more mapping; turned on my PC then ran the game. I went to load up my map and "Error", Reflex could not open the map file. It was corrupted. I opened the corrupted map file in notepad to try work out what happened and it showed no text, just a massive selectable "invisible" chunk which was seemingly a 1 piece character spanning many pages, my config was also corrupted entirely. When I joined the game my resolution was wrong, the mouse was inverted and all my controls and mapping binds were gone. There was no error report available as this didn't happen while I was in game... Perhaps an issue on game shut down?

Okay, hope this issue can be sorted.

Jack in the ♥♥♥ (I guess I have to write butt?) lol

LOL ...

Just a passing thought xD
3 Μαρ στις 21:14
Στο θέμα Reflex working back from popularity failure
Αναρτήθηκε αρχικά από helltiger.cpm:
while Onslaught is a nice idea, i dont think its that easy to implement. i even think its impossible, you would have to plan that in advance. also, the core of the game should be competitive arena fighting like in QL. Having lots of public onslaught players is quite a different thing. ffa for fun is nice, but the target audience is more strict.

I mentioned other modes in my original thread which are worth looking into.
24 Φεβ στις 14:30
Στο θέμα Reflex working back from popularity failure
Αναρτήθηκε αρχικά από KeDeSi:
Damn, I will not be buying Reflex thanks to this.

Unfortunately, this was my experience, but I am not here to deter people from the game. There are good players and there is a decent community hidden in tiny pockets... But it's good luck finding it and also a challenge to get a game going. But there is definitely enjoyment to be had.

For me, I'd play a lot more if there were key elements added/fixed.

The Discord community was fairly awful. The developers didn't partake in the toxicity, but they did allow it to happen. I believe it was due to psychological issues. The toxic community they had were loud and constant... They could definitely make a small development team believe that if they didn't appease these players that their game would die. Too many eggs into 1 basket. And if this basket dropped for whatever reason then there was none left for anyone else.

Now these players themselves have no one to play against and they too have mostly disappeared.

This game still can be great, if they do a FREE (community) update... Giving us other people that aren't elitist duelists something to do.

Worth buying and playing if you have someone to play with frequently and if you want to map together.

I just find it lonely... And any players I can find only want to duel... You can't get enough players for any other modes so that is fruitless.

20 Φεβ στις 14:17
Στο θέμα survival mod ?
Yeah ignore the idiot who's saying CA is Survival. It's not at all, it's Team battle to the death. Survival would mean no teams...

I'd like to see a spin off of that and have various smaller teams.

However, I can only IMAGINE the griefing potential of a game mode like this.

Also, developers don't care. You're not gonna get the mode you want as Bethesda make it clear that they're in it for themselves and not us.
20 Φεβ στις 14:04
Στο θέμα TRICKS
If you're wearing the headset maybe... If someone is watching you wearing the headset then it's a different story LOL
20 Φεβ στις 14:03
Στο θέμα This is the kind of title that will make people look silly LOL
I had to say it, this is the kind of game that would make you look like a complete spaz... Sitting there flailing your arms around in a sort of dancey flappy spazzy way hahaha

*look at me, I'm making invisible drinks* FLAP FLAP, spin and jiggle LOL
20 Φεβ στις 13:31
Στο θέμα I dunno about about you, but...
Plants vs Zombies got old pretty fast for me. Alright I might check back later see how progress is going... Thanks for the reply :)
16 Φεβ στις 2:04
Στο θέμα Reflex working back from popularity failure
Αναρτήθηκε αρχικά από 2drunk2frag:
I like the game a lot and have just gifted it to a friend, a defrag runner. I don't play it much though - its playerbase is non existent. How bout devs do a free weekend or even week to get some new players? Then discount a game for a month or so. If it's one euro I'm gonna buy 10 copies and gift it to my friends. It's gonna work coz people've been talking about arena shooters since Quake Champions made a comeback. Reflex is so much superior to the current Quake and people will notice.

Considering that nearly a third of my friends HAVE Reflex, a Free weekend isn't going to get them to play it with me. They already own it. I can get my friends to play maybe 1 game once in a blue moon, if that.

As per usual, they have an update or an event and the game dies out. It's the same with every single change they make to the game. Any significant changes bring a slight increase in players until they realise that there's nothing fun to do.

CTF is too objective intensive. Doesn't focus on killing to secure the objective. It's all about chasing something. Duel? Chasing something. Another player or Items. People seem to just want to brawl and have fun. Race is still sometimes alive... But the maps are mostly boring in theme and visual design. That's not going to bring many new players at all.

Like I stated in my original post is what needs to be done (IMO).

Also, It's not superior to Quake Live. The LG combat and feel is far superior in Quake Live. Quake Champions is a mess and doesn't compare to REFLEX ARENA. REFLEX ARENA netcode is better than Quake Champions by miles... Quake Live and REFLEX ARENA have comparable netcode... There's something much nicer about Quake Live LG over the IC... It's just more pushy and smooth and the visual feels better and easier to track (again, imo).

We need new things to do and some quality of life changes such as autohop and turbo mode. Lots of people like auto-hop. I am fine either way... but it would certainly save my fingers considering I have wrist problems from injury... It would be really nice to have auto-hop.

The game modes I mentioned would be fantastic.

But how are we supposed to feel when our thoughts and ideas get ignored, while they all congregate together and expel our ideas. It's not a nice feeling.... We get pushed aside.

The game already is an epic flop in terms of player base. Everyone who purchases is usually left disappointed with the player base. We want them to look at the reasons why... Yet all they do is play around with rulesets instead of tackling key issues that stop players from playing. People aren't stopping just because the rulesets aren't perfect.. There's much more involved in this game being lacking.

They won't do anything about it, I can almost guarantee it. I'm really disappointed... :(

So demotivating to map for a dead game.

14 Φεβ στις 12:16
Στο θέμα Reflex working back from popularity failure
Αναρτήθηκε αρχικά από solarseven:
+1 Great points!

I suggested to the devs they look at game modes that where successful for other arena shooters and work out something similar. Since these games are mostly dead now I see really no problem in lending some good ideas left and right.

Some game types:
- Capture the Flag
- King of The Hill
- Onslaught (UT2004)
- Titans (UT3)
- Bombing Run (UT2003 / UT2004) Great ball sports game.
- Invasion - Wave survival
- Assault (UT99) Mission type of gameplay.
- Mutant

Just to name a few.

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unreal_Tournament_2004

Thanks for the reply :D

Yes, bombing run... I remember it :D My suggestion in the previous post sorta is similar to that.

There's a game mode in "Warframe" called "Lunaro". Which is more of a lacrosse style game. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lacrosse

Now the reason I say that we need our own variables to work with is because the devs appear to be so deeply buried in their DISCORD community and 1v1 that they can't see what's actually going on outside of it.... We're out here and we want and need things!! We're out here to share and make stuff for everyone to enjoy?!! Just remember that. We're not just here for the very, very small community that resides in small pockets.... We're here for expanding out to the players that have been left behind and the ones that don't even exist yet!

Please DEVs, come and reply/chat on these forums. The ones where Steam players reside... The feedback you get from your own forums will most likely come from a small selection of players who aren't thinking outside the box.

I want to add something to the game! Please help us by giving us some tools to make some noise with!
14 Φεβ στις 11:59
Στο θέμα Reflex working back from popularity failure
Thanks for the replies!

To add to the previous points: Imagine if the developers gave us some tools to simply "program" our own game modes (Something very easy to use of course). These would be things such as physics objects that you can shoot/pickup/throw.... (There could even be the potential of curve ball throws if you do a "circle jump" wind up sort of movement and then throw.)


There could be links in the map editor between events to create simple sports games.

Players spawn and are locked in place at designated locations in sports arena.

Timer starts. 3, 2, 1, "Play ball"

Ball spawns at centre location.

Players unlock to freemove.

Round starts.

Player Melees ball (using sports melee variant) and it grasps the ball and slows the movement of ball holder.

Player can then "attack" to throw ball.

Attack opponent with melee to knock ball out of their hand.

When ball is thrown through into "point a" or "point b" a point is scored for the scoring team.

Players get teleported back to designated location.

Timer starts. 3, 2, 1, "Play ball"

Ball spawns at centre location.

Players unlock to freemove.

Players brawl and have fun.

* Add timers to the game for Half Time and Full time and an optional viewing of goal replays where people can vote to watch or skip. We could even add our own voice overs if we chose to? (This would add some really nice polish and quality feel to the game)

People could simply make up some simple rules, create maps and upload it as a "Game Mode". Tag the maps with the game mode.

People could vote for their fave modes, top listed modes could be unofficially listed in the "Top game modes" of REFLEX. This won't take much time away from the developers and they won't have to cop any flak from rowdy players about how these mods are designed/balanced.

If the developers liked the mode enough they could promote it??


There could be a suggestions form for simple things we need in order to make our game modes work.

The developers can approve or deny them based on viability.

Simple programming rules would mostly be a breeze when you look at how well designed some aspects of the game engine already are.

We just need well explained variables, physics objects etc.. The devs don't need to test the balance of rulesets, that; we do ourselves.

We just need some basics to work from. It's not like we want to create advanced game modes with in depth rulesets and etc... We just wanna create some fun sports games, sports brawlers, King of the Hills with twists and Team Arenas where everyone of all skill levels can get involved.

The issue with a lot of other aFPS games failing wasn't just their marketing and engine... It was their physics and movement.

REFLEX ARENA has GREAT netcode and AWESOME movement mechanics and Really solid feeling weapon mechanics.

Reflex has the base movement mechanics that feel fantastic, even if you had the option to remove air control if you wished (For your game mode) the game would still feel far better than most shooters out there. (Imagine you were playing a sports mode and if you went out of bounds at all you were punished with a loss of air control for 10 seconds LOL)

I just want to see this game go somewhere before a rival company comes and takes the market.

In all honesty, how long can I keep supporting a company that won't support the players that actually want the game to grow and become something. It's so hard to support developers that won't support their eager community... (Discord loud mouthes are NOT the majority of REFLEX ARENA community! That is a FACT)

Please support us and give us some of the things we want. Those players in your Discord aren't the community you want to listen to unless you truly just want this "elitist" only garbage that we've been strung along for this entire time.

Just so people know, I am an avid fan of Air Control and Team Based "Clan Arena" style gameplay. I'm not some random with no experience in shooters that just has "Ideas" to turn "REFLEX" into a sports game.

That's entirely not my aim at all.

I make my own maps....

Here's a duel map I made...


Here's some "Drop Zone" maps I made. (If you fall into the pit you teleport to a location that you're susceptible to getting easily middied or IC floated to your death.)




I have lots of ideas and fun things to make, but they never get a chance to shine because of how limiting REFLEX ARENA is. Not only that, but how much fun people made of me when I suggested these things.

I became an endless running "meme" and joke all because I have some ideas that went against the grain.

I want to see something new and fun. My friends won't play REFLEX ARENA with me until the suggestions I have made come to be.
12 Φεβ στις 9:19
Στο θέμα I dunno about about you, but...
I don't want to reposition things constantly in a tower defense game.

Appreciate the addition to tower defense... But moving towers seems frustrating and detracting from tower defense concept. Is this Action or TD?
11 Φεβ στις 17:12
I'm in Australia. This game lags everywhere. Not only that, but the game sucks anyway. I was hoping for something sorta PvP... Just feels like a sloppy floppy mess. Yawn.
11 Φεβ στις 11:18
Στο θέμα Can I nut In the Rabbit girl
Αναρτήθηκε αρχικά από Omoikane:
Αναρτήθηκε αρχικά από Lily Lolipop:

I had a thought that we should consider the possibility that bunnies are allergic to nuts and therefore there should be no nutting.

We don't want our bunnies to die,do we?


I don't think this is worth playing if the bunnies are allergic to nuts.
11 Φεβ στις 10:18
Στο θέμα If you look close enough at the end of the trailer...
It says it at the start of the trailer too lol
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