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It's time for a change ۞ ß o o g i e ۞ is no more!
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:greenslime: Games I play a lot (on Pc) Sid Miers Civ 5, C.S.G.O, L4D2, and SWEA. :greenslime:
:greenslime: Games I play a lot (Xbox 1) Fallout 4, Star Wars Battlefront 2, Amdromeda, R6S. :greenslime:
:greenslime: Games I play (Out of steam) W.O.W, L.O.L, Starcraft, Diablo 2,3,:greenslime:

Top Ten Memes

Grum is dum. (Really Dumb)

Zoghon. (Viking)

Phinzo. (Chilly)

Alfe. (My Son)

Takeo. (WoW Meme master)

Pepe Terrorists. (Meme Overdose)

Meaty. (Anime)

Neccria. (Demi boy of the 3)

DarkJay. (The Gutared Kid)

Wicked. (Master of the knowledge)

Game Stats

:gghuman: Starcraft Rank: 27 :gghuman:

:tank: League Of Legends Rank: Gold :tank:


:tradingcard: I have Steam Guard on so instant trades in and out.:tradingcard:
:tradingcard: Love to trade cards, games, skins, ect. :tradingcard:
:tradingcard: Equal trades only I am smart too so do not try to cheat me out. :tradingcard:
:tradingcard: Not a donation trader sorry, not sorry. :tradingcard:

Personal Info

:greenlantern: I am a geek, Seen every Star Wars, Lotr, Hobbit, and H.P. :greenlantern:
:greenlantern: Want my Discord, or Just ask!
:greenlantern: I own two awesome groups go ahead and join! :greenlantern:

Some Rules

:warplate2: Don't spam. :warplate2:
:warplate2: Don't think I will play with you so do no invite me every two seconds. :warplate2:
:warplate2: Don't ask for free stuff :warplate2:
:warplate2: Must be Above Level 5 :warplate2:
:warplate2: If I +rep you I expect one in return! :warplate2:

:Quilly: Youtube Link! :Quilly:

Emoticon Collection

:ABOMANDO: :batarang: :joke: :riddle: :blackmask: :Black_Mask_Emoticon: :bandit: :retrophoto: :csgoa: :csgox: :CaptainZ: :Quilly: :diwrench: :palmtree: :LaserBeam: :Letter_N: :box: :JumpingFish: :gghuman: :ClassicTriangularShip: :theviking: :2015coal: :tank: :warplate2: :oface: :helpfulalien: :pmshippurple: :greenlantern: :gargoyle: :johnniedad: :SocialPolicy: :AffinityHarmony: :tradingcard: :LittleSpike: :2016dig: :happymeat: :ss13drill: :greenslime: :whiterun: :tropicanstar::2016villain::VerySad::dollars::disgusted::csgogun: :facepunch: :pbomb: :theShipCrowbar: :chasseur: :sschool: :hikari: :rainstorm: :muney: :necromancer: :hopper: :railslave: :trunk: :woodlehappy: :LHherorun: :just_T: :scarecrowface:

Games currently playing.

Star Wars Empire At War & Mods.

Batman Arkam Knight

StarCraft II

Watched Animes

- Dragon Ball

- Dragon Ball Z

- Dragon Ball Super (Almost done)

- Dragon Ball GT

- Sao I

- Sao II

- Dragon Ball Z

- One peice

- Metalocolypse

- Seven Deadly Sins

- Cory In the House

- Sin ban

- Fairy Tail

- Little Witch Acadamia

- Yuri on Ice

:batarang: That's All Have Fun! :batarang:
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