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If you think you want to have a fun time in a survival setting with three buddies versus a complete stranger, then go play Left 4 Dead 2 Versus because at least that game is somewhat balanced and won't crash every time you play it.

Man, lemme tell you about that time I was in a 4 person queue from half an hour to ONE HOUR *MULTIPLE TIMES* because the devs don't know how to code the netplay. (NOTE: Although as of late, I seem to be getting into matches more frequently. Good job, you fixed a thing.... maybe!) Once you finally load into the game as a Level 20 newbie, you'll be greeted with the map not loading in properly with invisible objects everywhere while facing off a Level 1 Killer with great Killer buff perks such as Iron Grasp and Deerstalker (all Tier 3, of course!) Then, mid-way while fixing a generator, you'll probably crash and lose any pips you had. Tonight alone, I have crashed THREE times in under an hour.

"B-BUT THIS NEVER HAPPENED TO ME! IT MUST BE JUST YOUR COMPUTER/INTERNET!" Don't you ♥♥♥♥ing start. Mind you, I'm not running this game on a toaster. My computer doesn't need to be upgraded at all. Don't even bother commenting on that. I've seen other people in my group of friends also crash halfway through games, mutliple times. My internet speed is 60 Mbps down, 25 Mbps up. Wired, stable connection.

If you somehow MIRACULOUSLY don't crash with a competent team and are about to win, just remember that the Killer can disconnect with no problem, dickdogging you from getting pips. Oh yeah, remember that sweet TOOL BOX or MED-KIT that you brought into the match that the Killer disconnected in? Well, it's gone now because you technically "lost".

I just have no interest in playing the Killer in matchmaking and they are clearly overpowered. Yes, they should be some kind of "OP" because it is 4 vs. 1, but when you have the Nurse that can teleport through walls multiple times or the Hillbilly that is running like Forrest Gump for your bootyhole PLUS an instant down, it gets a bit too ridiculous. Something needs to be done. They shouldn't be as fast or their hitstuns/specials should be on a longer cooldown. Maybe not have as many hooks on the map. Maybe make it so that if you wiggle out of a Killer, he can't just drop you, down you instantly, pick you back up and kill you. Maybe make it so that Survivors can get up by themselves if dropped on the ground. MAYBE the Killer doesn't NEED any perks. SOMETHING. A N Y T H I N G.

"BUT WITHOUT OP KILLERS, NO ONE WILL WANT TO PLAY AS THE KILLER!" Without a balanced game, no one will want to play Survivor. Let me explain just how broken this is. The meta for the Killer is literally: 1. Take down a person, 2. Hook them, 3. Camp them, 4. Repeat. It's boring and you literally cannot counter it as a Survivor -- ESPECIALLY if they take you to the basement. This turns off newer players. The Killers should have a Blood point penalty for hanging around hooked Survivors for too long around a certain distance OR EVEN BETTER, have the Survivor *GAIN* Blood points while they're next to you -- enough to not lose your rank.

"B-B-B-BUT CAMPING IS A STRATEGY! GIT GOOD!" Listen, if you're already super fast, super strong and so superior to the Survivors in every way, then why is this camping needed? It. Makes. No. Sense.

Also: Why do you even rank down once you get to the next level and then lose? It'd be a better system to get to the next rank and STAY at the rank. Maybe even increase the number of pips & amount of BP it takes to get another pip for higher ranks. It just seems impossible for a Level 20 to even stand a chance at the moment. Another thing is that I feel that it is a drag getting to your second perk as a Survivor. Why not have the perks set at 10/20/30 or 5/15/25 instead of 15/20/25?

"WELL, JUST PLAY KILLER BECAUSE HE'S OP AND THEN DUMP ALL OF YOUR POINTS INTO A SURVIVOR!" I shouldn't have to do that to play the game. That's just straight up BAD GAME DESIGN. In fact, the Killer and Survivor Blood points should be totally different (Killer should have like, Corrupted Blood Points that are purple or some ♥♥♥♥.) On one last side note, I feel like the flashlight item is useless because whenever I shine that ♥♥♥♥ in the Killer's eyes, it does jack diddly. Med-Kit and Tool Box are all you ever need.

Now, I'm all for changing my review, but as it stands, this game needs some serious balancing work and bug fixes. I'm pretty sure that anything that I didn't cover, MentalJen did. P E A C E.
Posted August 21, 2016.
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This game offends orcas. This game offends ducks. IT STINKS. Everything about it makes me want to punch a baby. Not enough Pewdiepie 0/10. IT WAS LIKE A GOOSE ♥♥♥♥ING MY EAR. I've wanted to hurt myself playing this game. OH GOD NOT THE BEES. The controls felt fine. But the severe level of memes made it want to do nothing more then beat an old lady with a new born baby. Makes you want to go back in time to stop the internet from ever being conceived. This game made feel for PewDiePie, feel how much I want to brofist him in the ♥♥♥. I literally would stick my genitals into the blazing hot end of an exhaust pipe than rather dare to let any other being endure the horror of this game. 0/10 would rather play hatred. Dont even buy as a joke. Duck was the best voice actor.

thanks joel

- Vinesauce chat
Posted January 4, 2016.
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